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Rudy Mackenzie (Character)
from The Jacket (2005)

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The Jacket (2005)
Rudy Mackenzie: I've been approached by the Federal Trade Organization.
Dr. Thomas Becker: And what have they approached you about, Mr. Mackenzie?
Rudy Mackenzie: Ah... and this is nuts, but they have asked me to head up the Organization for the Organized!
Dr. Thomas Becker: The Organization... for the Organized?
Rudy Mackenzie: Yeah, you've heard of them?
Dr. Thomas Becker: No, Mr. Mackenzie, I have not.
Patient: That's because there is no such organization, you idiot!
Rudy Mackenzie: That is categorically not true; that is *blatantly* and *manifestly* not true! They have asked me to lead them, and if you've heard of them then they wouldn't be hush hush, would they?
Dr. Thomas Becker: What do the rest of you think?
Jack Starks: Well, uh... I know they exist.
Dr. Thomas Becker: And how is that?
Jack Starks: When I was in the Gulf, the Organization... was recruiting the organized.
Dr. Thomas Becker: Is that a fact, Mr. Starks? Because if it's not, it doesn't help Mr. Mackenzie.
Jack Starks: It is a fact, bona fide and classified.
Rudy Mackenzie: I knew it, I knew it! Those little *fuckers* are everywhere!
Jack Starks: They only recruit the best, Mackenzie.

Dr. Lorenson: How are we doing today?
Rudy Mackenzie: For me... that is a really difficult question Dr. Laurenson, because the world around me is *shrinking*... and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are comin' to see me today, and they're not bringing flowers which... just makes it real difficult to get organized.

Rudy Mackenzie: The less you freak, the less you'll trip out.

Rudy Mackenzie: I'm in here, because they say I have a nervous condition. Well, well here's my question: Who wouldn't be nervous if they really, really looked at their lives? I mean, whose life is that good?