Charles Augustus Milverton
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"Sherlock: His Last Vow (#3.3)" (2014)
Dr. John Watson: I don't understand.
Charles Magnussen: You should have that on a t-shirt.
Dr. John Watson: [... much later] I still don't understand.
Charles Magnussen: And there's the back of the t-shirt.

[at Sherlock's apartment]
Sherlock Holmes: I understood we were meeting at your office.
Charles Magnussen: This IS my office. Well, it is now.

Charles Magnussen: Best thing about the English... you're so domesticated, always standing around, apologizing, keeping your little heads down. You can do what you like here. No one's ever gonna stop you. A nation of herbivores. I've interests all over the world but, uh, everything starts in England. If it works here, I'd try it in a REAL country. The United Kingdom, eh? Petri dish to the Western world.

Charles Magnussen: Everything's available for a price. You making me an offer?
Sherlock Holmes: A christmas present.
Charles Magnussen: Then what are you giving me for Christmas, Mr. Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: My brother.

Charles Magnussen: Mycroft's pressure point is his junkie detective brother Sherlock. Sherlock's pressure point is his best friend John Watson. John Watson's pressure point is his wife. I own John Watson's wife, I own Mycroft.

Charles Magnussen: Come on, for Mary, bring me your face.

Charles Magnussen: [to John] Let me flick your face.

"The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes: The Master Blackmailer (#2.1)" (1992)
Lady Diana Swinstead: On my knees, I beg you... I implore you to show mercy.
Charles Augustus Milverton: I'm not in the business of mercy, madam.

Charles Augustus Milverton: And yet here I find you, Mr. Holmes - a man of sense - boggling at terms when the whole future and honor of your client is at stake. You surprise me. You do, really.

Doctor Watson: Surely, it would be better for you to take the substantial sum we offer than to ruin this young woman's career, which can profit you in no way.
Charles Augustus Milverton: There, you're mistaken. An exposure would profit me indirectly to a considerable degree. I have eight or ten similar cases maturing. Ah, if it is circulated that I have made a severe example of Lady Eva, I shall find the rest much more open to reason. Do you see my point?