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Traditionally, Morgan Le Fay is the usual name of King Arthur's older half-sister. They have the same mother, but different fathers. They do not meet until both are adults. She is usually the main villainess in the story; resenting how Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon, had stolen their mother, Igraine, from her father, Duke Gorlois of Cornwall. She uses sorcery to thwart Arthur and his allies, and to direct his enemies. In some versions, she is the mother of Arthur's evil, illegitimate son, Mordred. Arthur is unaware she is his sister when they sleep together.

In the new Starz show Camelot, Morgan is the daughter of Uther and not the daughter of Igraine, so she lays claim to the throne as the legitimate heir.

In the BBC/SYFY show Merlin, she is Morgana and is also Uther's daughter and has a half sister on her mother's side named Morgause.

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