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Quotes for
Emily (Character)
from Just Peck (2009)

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Just Peck (2009)
Emily: Ooo, sophomores! Now I wanna party naked!

Geiger: Hey, think you could give us a ride back to school?
Becca: No.
Emily: Maybe... if Peck here shows us his enormous manhood.
Peck: Ummmmm... yeah, but you better stand back.

Emily: What wacky mischief will that Peck get into next?

Emily: Do you think this is it?
Peck: Yeah.
Emily: It's not much.
Peck: It's everything.

Emily: Poor baby. Mommy and Daddy getting Junior off to college. You know what MY parents did with MY college money?
Peck: No.
Emily: My mom bought a Lexus and my dad bought a pair of tits for his new wife.
[Peck laughs nervously]
Emily: You think that's funny?
Peck: I thought you were kidding.