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Mr. Frond (Character)
from "Bob's Burgers" (2011)

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"Bob's Burgers: Spaghetti Western and Meatballs (#1.9)" (2011)
Mr. Frond: Don't throw Repressed Memory Emily!
Louise: She won't remember this.

Mr. Frond: Tina here just found out that her best friend Jocelyn told Jimmy Jr. that Tina, is "whack." And acting.
Jimmy Jr.: Tina, Jocelyn told me you are whack.
Tina: Jocelyn, you skank. I hate you.

Mr. Frond: [to Bob] I'd like you to take a look at my abs.
Bob: Um, no, thank you.
Louise: Show him your abs, Mr. Frond. We'd all like to see your abs.
Bob: Okay. I really don't.
Gene: And your ding-dong.
Bob: Gene.

Bob: Um, this is dumb.
Mr. Frond: Bo... Bob?
Bob: Yes?
Mr. Frond: When you say "this is dumb," it makes me feel like pinching you in the eye.

"Bob's Burgers: Bob and Deliver (#4.7)" (2013)
Mr. Frond: The name's Frond. James Frond. I've got a license to counsel.
Louise Belcher: Double-oh-so-sad.
Bob Belcher: Louise, be nice.
Louise Belcher: Why? It's Mr. Frond.

Mr. Frond: Tina, since I caught you, your Home Ec teacher Mrs. Woods is going on disability.
Tina Belcher: OMG. Is she okay?
Mr. Frond: Obviously, I can't share confidential details. All I can say is, she's a drug addict.

Mr. Frond: All right, Bob, I should have explained. Home Ec isn't for honor students. It's where dumb-dumbs learn to make ice.
Bob Belcher: You know my daughter's in that class, right?

"Bob's Burgers: Bob Day Afternoon (#2.2)" (2012)
Mr. Frond: Women and children should be released!
Bob: You're not a woman Frond.
Mr. Frond: I will tuck my junk so fast!

"Bob's Burgers: O.T.: The Outside Toilet (#3.15)" (2013)
Mr. Frond: Gene, go back to your seat. And wipe that baby off your face.

"Bob's Burgers: The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover (#6.6)" (2016)
Mr. Frond: Maybe I can knit myself a wife.
Gene Belcher: You could call her Yarnessa.

"Bob's Burgers: The Runway Club (#5.16)" (2015)
Mr. Frond: The outfits are all ready, so let's pick them apart metaphorically.

"Bob's Burgers: Ex Mach Tina (#7.8)" (2017)
Mr. Frond: They're looking for a student to participate in their Robotic Mobility Program. Or rump for short.
Tina Belcher: Rump? I'm listening.

"Bob's Burgers: Synchronized Swimming (#2.3)" (2012)
Louise: The whole point of independent study was so we wouldn't feel judged.
Mr. Frond: You're judged from the day you were born 'till the day you die. The school board is going to watch you swim tomorrowl, and I want to see some scissor kicks and perfect splits, or you'll have to go to summer school!
Gene: Summer school? Aaaugh! What am I gonna wear?

"Bob's Burgers: Crawl Space (#1.2)" (2011)
Mr. Frond: Three siblings in detention in two days. Is something happening at home?
Tina: Dad is stuck inside the wall.
Mr. Frond: Is that how he died?
Tina: Dad isn't dead.
Louise: Thanks a lot, Mr. Frond. We were keeping it a secret from her. We were going to tell her on Father's Day. Now we have nothing to do for Father's Day!