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Colonel Martin (Character)
from "The New Avengers" (1976)

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"The New Avengers: K Is for Kill: Part 1: The Tiger Awakes (#2.8)" (1977)
Purdey: Gambit, that was magnificent.
Mike Gambit: That was damn silly. I must have a word with my karate master. I think I've dislocated my knee.
Colonel Martin: Well, you've more than dislocated his neck, it's broken.

Colonel Martin: Come, they have shot Napoleon, but not his cognac, hm?

"The New Avengers: K Is for Kill: Part 2: Tiger by the Tail (#2.9)" (1977)
Jeanine Leparge: [reveals one of the Russian soldiers who died of old age] They are all the same.
Colonel Martin: But... but how, why?
Jeanine Leparge: Total degeneration.
Purdey: Gambit's speciality.
Jeanine Leparge: A speeded up process of senility, that is the how of it, Colonel, the why, I am still working on.

Colonel Martin: What I am trying to achieve Minster, is for no hell to be let loose, not the smallest whiff of brimstone.