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Quotes for
Mr. Schubert (Character)
from "Man from Atlantis" (1977)

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"Man from Atlantis: Crystal Water, Sudden Death (#1.11)" (1977)
Mr. Schubert: Cooperation is not an request, it's an absolute necessity.

Mr. Schubert: Mr. Havergal, there is no profit in gratuitous cruelty.
Havergal: These people give me the creeps!

Mr. Schubert: It's very difficult to dominate the world from an island at the bottom of the ocean.

Mr. Schubert: I don't like people who whimper. You're an amateur, Mr. Havergal, you're fired. Now the rest of you, listen to me!
Havergal: Nobody's listening to you from here on in, fat man!
[runs off]
Mr. Schubert: I pay your salary!
Havergal: [turns round] Well what good is a salary if you can't live to spend it?