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Quotes for
Mac (Character)
from "It's About Time" (1966)

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"It's About Time: And Then I Wrote Happy Birthday to You (#1.1)" (1966)
[first lines]
Mac: You all right, Hector?
Hector: There's nothing like a soft landing.
Mac: And that was nothing like a soft landing!

Hector: I think we've seen enough of this planet. Let's get back in the capsule and head for Earth.
Mac: Hector, we can't - we're on Earth.
Hector: Oh, yeah, we're on Earth. Well, let's get back in the capsule and - we're on Earth?
Mac: Sure. We blacked out at 60,000 miles per second, remember? Hector?
Hector: Yeah?
Mac: Acording to Einstein's theory, when you pass the speed of light you enter the dimension of time.
Hector: Captain, what are you telling me?
Mac: We've broken the time barrier. We've gone back about a million years!

Gronk: Tribal custom good, party bad.
Shag: Shag think birthday party good idea!
Gronk: No more talk!
Hector: I was only trying to be friendly. I didn't want to make an argument or anything like that, friends.
Gronk: No argument. Man say, woman do.
Mac: I wonder how we let that custom get away from us.

Mac: That's a beautiful cake. What's it made of?
Shag: Meat.
Hector: It's a steak cake.