Ssgt. Michael Nantz
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Ssgt. Michael Nantz (Character)
from Battle Los Angeles (2011)

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Battle Los Angeles (2011)
SSgt. Michael Nantz: ...but none of that matters right now.

SSgt. Michael Nantz: We are not dying here, Lockett!

SSgt. Michael Nantz: Stavro, Harris, the lieutenant needs recon on a bus. If it runs, bring it back here... Either of you know how to hotwire a bus?
Cpl. Kevin Harris: Um, Stvrou can. He's from Jersey, sir.

1st Sgt. John Roy: [trying to talk him out of his retirement decision] You know, we could always use another lean mean typing machine.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Shit, I ain't built like you John. Ugly, slow, soft.

Cpl. Lee Imlay: [looking at map] This map shows where all the units were deployed... what do all these red marks mean?
[map is covered with red X's]
SSgt. Michael Nantz: It means they're gone.
Cpl. Lee Imlay: You mean the units got moved...
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Wiped out.
Cpl. Lee Imlay: All of them?
SSgt. Michael Nantz: All of them.

SSgt. Michael Nantz: U.S. Marines! How many?
Michele: Five of us! Three kids!

Michele: Do you have kids?
SSgt. Michael Nantz: No.
Michele: I used to regret that, but maybe it was for the best.

SSgt. Michael Nantz: All right, Lockett. You wanna go there. Let's go there. I commanded men and men died. Kids. 19 years old. The best men I ever led. Do you think for a second I wouldn't rather trade places with them? I know you think I got my men killed. They're dead. I'm here. Like the punchline to some bad joke. You think I like that? Do you think a minute goes by that those faces aren't right here
[points to head]
SSgt. Michael Nantz: seared into my brain?
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Dante, Thomas T. Corporal. 1-5-6-5-0-9-3-8-6.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Ambruster, William R. Private. 8-7-6-6-6-2-3-5-4.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Wharton, Jeffrey H. Lance Corporal. 8-7-4-2-7-3-9-9-3.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Lockett, Duane G. Corporal. 1-5-6-8-7-0-9
SSgt. Michael Nantz, Cpl. Jason Lockett: 5-5.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Your brother was an outstanding Marine. He was my friend. And I miss him every day. And you remind me of him.

Michele: You should have the doc take a look at that.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: I thought you were a doctor.
Michele: [smiles] Animals and aliens only.

2nd Lt. William Martinez: Get them out!
SSgt. Michael Nantz: No, I'm not leaving you!
2nd Lt. William Martinez: Get them out!
SSgt. Michael Nantz: No! Not again!
2nd Lt. William Martinez: I have a bag of C-4 on the bus. Give this to my wife
[hands SSgt. Nantz a piece of paper]
2nd Lt. William Martinez: , and get them off this freeway. That's an order.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Yes, sir.
2nd Lt. William Martinez: Right behind you.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Cover the lieutenant!
2nd Lt. William Martinez: Here we go.
[into radio]
2nd Lt. William Martinez: This is Lieutenant William Martinez, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. Hoorah!

TSgt. Elena Santos: You remind me of my older brother.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: How's that?
TSgt. Elena Santos: He never smiles either.

SSgt. Michael Nantz: It's OK to cry.

2nd Lt. William Martinez: Looks like we're getting into some heavy shit.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: It's been my experience, Lieutenant, heavy shit is highly overrated.