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Waffle (Character)
from Scared Shrekless (2010) (TV)

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Scared Shrekless (2010) (TV)
Puss in Boots: Back when the lights came back on, it was the donkey taking a shower!
Donkey: Oh, my goodness! Why would I do that?
Puss in Boots: Ha ha! And right behind you, there was danger!
Donkey: Oh, man.
Puss in Boots: You were paralyzed!
Donkey: [screams]
Puss in Boots: It was a donkey-eating waffle. It was packing heat, and it wanted revenge.
Waffle: I want revenge!
Puss in Boots: The donkey ran. But how far can you run when you're on a plate covered in butter wearing a pink tutu?
Donkey: No!
Puss in Boots: And a sombrero. And a coconut brassiere. And about to be eaten alive!
Donkey: No, please! Please, I'll switch to pancakes! Aah!
Waffle: [swallows Donkey] Num, num, num!
Puss in Boots: And the donkey was never seen again.