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Ensemble Cast (Character)
from "Thank God You're Here: Episode #1.1" (2006)

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"Thank God You're Here: Episode #1.2" (2006)
Ensemble Cast: Tina, what's the letter of the week?
Shaun Micallef: The letter of the week is from Alfred Gurnes.

Ensemble Cast: Goodbye to all our friends today, we've had so much fun and so much gay
Shaun Micallef: -ness, that is a lifestyle choice, so whether you're a girl or whether you are boys, come again tomorrow wont you, I... crave.

Ensemble Cast: It's our friend from the French resistance.
Matthew Newton: Hubba hubba!

"Thank God You're Here: Episode #1.1" (2006)
Ensemble Cast: These products are all good, as the slogan says...
Fifi Box: If you can do it, you can!

Ensemble Cast: We're going to have to do a police check because you're going to be working with children.
Frank Woodley: Right.
[drops his big toothbrush and walks out the door]

Frank Woodley: Does yours hurt as much as mine?
Ensemble Cast: A little bit.
Frank Woodley: It's like agh!
[hits metal on chest]
Frank Woodley: Far out! They could make them out of mink! It wouldn't be so good in the battles of course. But in this bit,
[hits metal on chest]
Frank Woodley: the mink would be better. In the battle, agh, agh! You're dead!

"Thank God You're Here: Episode #1.3" (2006)
Glenn Robbins: Let's just say, she's not great at coming up with ideas. She's much better; Ken and I think you'll agree when I say this, at making love.
Ensemble Cast: Ken the non-conqueror, but Ken the wise, tell me, some say the earth is round.
Frank Woodley: Ha!
Ensemble Cast: Some say the earth is flat. But you say it is neither. Why?
Frank Woodley: Well, I've got a hunch. Because I think it's like a big skateboard ramp and you head off up into the nothingness, do a bit of a trick and come back. That didn't make any sense, lets get into the raping!
Glenn Robbins: He's not great with the ideas!
Ensemble Cast: Enough! We only have time to pray now. And we must pray to mighty Thor, mighty Oden, please I ask of thee. Give me wisdom.
Ensemble Cast: I ask of thee strength.
[points at Glenn]
Glenn Robbins: I ask of thee...
Akmal Saleh: He's not great with ideas either!

"Thank God You're Here: Episode #1.5" (2006)
Alan Brough: I wanted to get some perspective.
Ensemble Cast: On board a yacht?
Alan Brough: Lots of perspective.