The White Ranger
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The White Ranger (Character)
from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" (1993)

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"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Fighting Spirit (#1.27)" (2004)
[facing three of his past Ranger powers in a dream]
Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger: You passed the test.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Test? What are you talking about?
Red Zeo Ranger: You haven't been fighting us... you've been fighting for your life.
Mighty Morphin' White Ranger: And you've proven the will to live is stronger than any Ranger power.

Mighty Morphin' White Ranger: [to Tommy] Finally cut that hair, huh, Tommy?

Mighty Morphin' White Ranger: Don't forget, I know all your old moves.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: That might be true, but I've learned a few new ones.

"Super Power Beat Down: White Ranger vs. Scorpion (#1.10)" (2013)
Scorpion: Where is he? *Where is he?*
[Girl in Distress babbles incoherently until The White Ranger materializes]
The White Ranger: Let her go - I'm the one you want.
Scorpion: Finally we meet.
The White Ranger: It's time to finish this!