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Xander Bly (Character)
from "Power Rangers Mystic Force" (2006)

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"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Fire Heart (#1.7)" (2006)
Xander Bly: Guys, who wants to take care of the King of Metal?
Nick Russell: Not me.
Madison Rocca: Me either. Older than my Dad.
Vida Rocca: I got things to do.
Chip Thorn: Sorry. Heavy Metal makes my nose bleed.

Xander Bly: Whoa!
Vida Rocca: Next time, just say "stop." "Whoa" is for horses. I don't see any horses here. Do you?

Udonna: It says that you must traverse the Cimmerian Forest.
Xander Bly: That's all right. We like forests, don't we, guys?
Udonna: This one is unlike any you know. Imagine your worst nightmare.
Chip Thorn: That's easy. My mom puts my cellphone in the dryer and then the next time we morph, my uniform is really tiny.

Xander Bly: [*Xander, Chip and Madison make their way out of the Cimmerian Forest*] You see? "Team Xander" - safe and sound!
Chip Thorn: [*suddenly the three are knocked to the ground, ensnared inside a giant spider web; a huge, monstrous spider looms above them*] Xander... what exactly is your definition of "safe and sound"?

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Broken Spell: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2006)
Udonna: You are those warriors. You are the Power Rangers.
Chip Thorn: Oh, nice!
Xander Bly: Look, excuse me, but there must be some mistake. How are we gonna defeat pure evil? Our high school hasn't won a football game in, like, six years.

Xander Bly: You go into those woods, you don't come out.
Nick Russell: I heard about it. But the guy needs help. No one else in the city seems to care.
Vida Rocca: I'll go with you. Not everyone in the city's a coward.
Chip Thorn: I'll go, too. I've always wanted to go on a dangerous quest. This is a dangerous quest, right?
Vida Rocca: Perilous.
Chip Thorn: Sweet!

Vida Rocca: Xander! I told you if you ever used my car, I'd rearrange your limbs!
Xander Bly: You're going into the woods and never returning. As if you're even going to see it again.
Chip Thorn: He has a point.

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Code Busters (#1.3)" (2006)
Chip Thorn: I mean, no one's more excited than me to finally get to wear a cape.
Xander Bly: Finally? If I remember correctly, you used to come to school with a pillowcase pinned to your back.
Chip Thorn: Yeah. But that was a long time ago.
Xander Bly: That was last week, mate.

Xander Bly: Man, look at all these incantations. How is my brain supposed to fit all this information?
Madison Rocca: Why don't you let me help you out with that. Craneor Magnus!
[she uses her Mystic Morpher and enlarges Xander's head]
Madison Rocca: Now you have lots more room.
Nick Russell: And I thought he had a big head before.

Xander Bly: I thought Nick stole the money.
Toby: Nick? What are you kidding? The guy's as honest as - as The Stones are classic rock.

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Dark Wish: Part 2 (#1.19)" (2006)
[riding on Fire Heart]
Chip Thorn: You guys have got to admit, this is one exciting adventure.
Xander Bly: Oh, yeah?
Chip Thorn: Not knowing where we going, not knowing when w're gonna get there,. not even knowing if we're ever going to get back!
Nick Russell: [sarcastically] Yeah, really exciting.

White Tribunal: What would you do if we were to grant the reversal of the wish?
Madison Rocca: We would go back and fight the darkness and restore the world to the way it was. And there would be color and laughter, and people could be free.
Nick Russell: And Toby would have his store back, and we'd all have music.
Vida Rocca: And Udonna would have Root Core.
Xander Bly: And we would have our dragon back.
Chip Thorn: And I'd have my cape back.

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Legendary Catastros (#1.6)" (2006)
[after Udonna tells the story of Catastros to the Rangers]
Chip Thorn: That was the scariest story I've ever heard. Tell it again!
Vida Rocca: Even I'm a little freaked out... Just a little.
Xander Bly: Well... I'm not scared.
[the lights go out and come back on and Xander is in Vida's arms]
Xander Bly: Just making sure you're safe, "V."
Vida Rocca: I'm fine, thanks.

Xander Bly: Who are you?
Vida Rocca: More like *what* are you?
Phineas: Drum roll, please. I'm Phineas.

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Broken Spell: Part 2 (#1.2)" (2006)
Xander Bly: Hold on. Let me try and reason with him. Hi. The name's Xander.
Koragg: I am Koragg, the Knight Wolf.
[Koragg incantates: "Unday vegor catastros!"]
Koragg: Ride up from your depth!
[Catastros rides out of a magical seal]
Xander Bly: So much for reasoning.

Vida Rocca: I hate pink.
Xander Bly: You can go to the complaints department later, Vida.

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Petrified Xander (#1.10)" (2006)
Xander Bly: V! Come quick!
Vida Rocca: What, did you find it?
Xander Bly: What? Oh, no no no, but look!
[turns head to side]
Xander Bly: My perfect profile has been restored. I'm back! Xander's back!
Vida Rocca: This mountain ain't big enough for the three of us; you, me, and your ego.

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Heir Apparent: Part 1 (#1.22)" (2006)
Vida Rocca: Leelee? They got you too?
Xander Bly: Don't worry. We'll get you out of this disgusting place.
Leelee: Thank you. I hate it here. It's dark and damp. Not to mention getting turned into an insect at everyone's slightest whim.
Necrolai: Complaining again, daughter?
Chip Thorn: Daughter?
Leelee: Can we keep them here, mom? Can we, huh? They have things that zombies will never have, like souls.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Once a Ranger: Part 1 (#1.20)" (2007)
Adam: We're all happy to help. Once a Ranger ...
Bridge, Xander, Kira, Tori: Always a Ranger!

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Mystic Fate: Part 2 (#1.32)" (2006)
Leanbow: Wolf Warrior!
Daggeron: Solaris Knight!
Udonna: White Mystic Ranger!
Xander Bly: Green Mystic Ranger!
Vida Rocca: Pink Mystic Ranger!
Vida Rocca: Blue Mystic Ranger!
Chip Thorn: Yellow Mystic Ranger!
Nick Russell: Red Mystic Ranger!
Leanbow, Daggeron, Udonna, Xander Bly, Vida Rocca, Madison Rocca, Chip Thorn, Nick Russell: We call upon the magic! Together as one! United for all time! Power Rangers Mystic Force!

"Power Rangers Mystic Force: Dark Wish: Part 3 (#1.20)" (2006)
[the Rangers transform into Legendary mode]
Xander Bly: Element of earth - Green Legend Warrior!
Vida Rocca: Element of wind - Pink Legend Warrior!
Madison Rocca: Element of water - Blue Legend Warrior!
Chip Thorn: Element of lightning - Yellow Legend Warrior!
Nick Russell: Element of fire - Red Legend Warrior!