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Quotes for
Red Ranger #1 (Character)
from "Night Court" (1984)

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"Night Court: Who Was That Mashed Man? (#5.7)" (1987)
[the Red Ranger is seated under the air conditioner, holding a knife to the rope suspending it from the ceiling]
Red Ranger: If I can't wear my mask, I'm gonna ride off into that last sunset!
Judge Harold T. "Harry" Stone: You can't do that! What about your fans, what are they gonna say?
Rosalind Jane 'Roz' Russell: So long, Kemo Slab-e.

Red Ranger: Maybe it is time I took this mask off...
Bill Oxley: Don't bother. I just got off the phone with the studio. They're pulling the plug. The movie bombed.
Court Clerk MacIntosh 'Mac' Robinson: Aw, ain't that a shame!
Bill Oxley: They actually burned the screen.
Rosalind Jane 'Roz' Russell: What about your new Red Ranger?
Bill Oxley: He resigned on the way to the hospital.
Public Defender Christine Sullivan: The hospital?
Bill Oxley: Yeah, they... they jujube-eed him.
[Oxley walks off]
Baliff Nostradamus 'Bull' Shannon: You must be thrilled!
Red Ranger: [gravely] Oh no, my domed friend. A Ranger never rejoices in the misfortune of others.
[He bows his head, and solemly takes off his hat... then throws it into the air]
Red Ranger: YEE-HA!
[off their looks]
Red Ranger: Well, maybe just once.