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Red Arrow (Character)
from "Young Justice" (2010)

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"Young Justice: Infiltrator (#1.6)" (2011)
Red Arrow: Dr. Roquette?
Dr. Serling Roquette: Tell me you're the advanced guy.
Red Arrow: The only guy.
Dr. Serling Roquette: You couldn't bring back up? What? Were there budget cuts?

Red Arrow: Now or never, doc.
Dr. Serling Roquette: [about a device] We can't leave this.
Red Arrow: Look, I take it, or I take you.
Dr. Serling Roquette: Right. Take me.

Green Arrow: [about Artemis] Um, she's my new protége.
Kid Flash: Wha-what happened to your old one?
Computer: Recognize. Speedy. B-06.
Red Arrow: Well for starters, he doesn't go by Speedy any more. Call me Red Arrow.
Green Arrow: Roy - you look...
Red Arrow: Replaceable.

Red Arrow: [to Artemis] Nice move. Almost made me believe you are Green Arrow's niece. But we both know you're not. I'm sure G.A. and Bats had a reason for lying so your cover's safe. But I warn you: do not hurt my friends!

Dr. Serling Roquette: What do you call this? The 'Arrow Boat'?
Red Arrow: I call it a rental.

"Young Justice: Satisfaction (#2.8)" (2012)
Roy Harper: So, let me get this straight. While I was on ice you found another Roy Harper, the sidekicks formed their own team, aliens invaded the Earth, and Ollie grew that dopey goatee?
Red Arrow: We try not to call ourselves "sidekicks".
Oliver Queen: You don't like the goatee?

Red Arrow: Lex Luthor and the Light, this criminal organization he works with, abducted you. they amputated your arm.
Roy Harper: Why? To keep me from using my bow?
Red Arrow: No, they needed an endless supply of your DNA. To perfect their human cloning process...
Roy Harper: So that's what you are. A clone.
Red Arrow: Yeah... they grew me, or rather force-grew me. In a matter of months, I looked your age. They programmed me with all your memories and skills... and worse.
Oliver Queen: Then they spoon-fed me clues to your location. I thought I was doing detective's work, but in hindsight... you've been missing three months. I'd been going crazy, so when I found you- him... I didn't question the good fortune. I had no idea it wasn't the real... the original you. No idea Luthor had stored you on ice all this time.
Roy Harper: [to Red Arrow] So... what you're saying is, you took my place. You've been living my life for eight years.
Oliver Queen: And he's been tirelessly searching for you in five of those years.
Roy Harper: Huh, but not you, Ollie. You gave up on me.
Red Arrow: I don't want to be the cause of more conflict between you two. I'd understand if you'd never want to lay eyes on me again.
Roy Harper: I dunno. Seems the clone didn't do anything wrong. He didn't ask to be created, plus he found me. I can't blame him for this.
[to Oliver]
Oliver Queen: Roy, I...
Roy Harper: We were partners! Friends! How could you not know I had been replaced? How could you leave me in Luthor's hands for eight years?... And how did I not see how useless you are. Get out. GET OUT!
[Oliver sadly leaves the room]
Roy Harper: Look, uh "Roy"... I need some time to process all this.
Red Arrow: I understand.

Oliver Queen: It's a curse, isn't it. Having me for a mentor. Speedy, Red Arrow... Artemis. The three of you all poster children of the "Stay away from Green Arrow club".
Red Arrow: I may have not always shown it over the years, but I don't feel that way. Neither did Artemis. And trust me, I know Roy doesn't feel that way either. Not really. You're a good man, Ollie. So get back in there. He needs you, whether he knows it or not.

[Seeing smoke coming from the LexCorp building]
Green Arrow: No, we can't be too late. I cannot have failed him again!
Red Arrow: No wait, look!
[Points at Speedy emerging from the building, carrying a briefcase]
Speedy: Hey guys, what took you soo long?
Green Arrow: Roy, are you alright?
Speedy: I'm good, well... better than I've been in eight years, anyway.
Green Arrow: You didn't...
Speedy: Kill Luthor? No. Not tonight.
Red Arrow: What's in the case?
Speedy: Satisfaction.
[opens the case, revealing a robotic arm]
Speedy: It's not elegant. Won't fool anyone into thinking it's actual flesh and blood, but it's more powerful and versatile than the model he gave his own bodyguard. And it will literally make me a living weapon. No one's putting me on ice again. Ever.
Green Arrow: Speedy... you sure you're okay?
Speedy: Speedy died eight years ago. But I kinda of like the sound of... Arsenal.

"Young Justice: Targets (#1.10)" (2011)
Lex Luthor: Lex Luthor vouches for him, Captain. Release the sidekick.
Red Arrow: *Ex*-sidekick. And I don't need any favors from you.

Lex Luthor: Lex Corps is a company founded on peaceful enterprise for all humanity.
Red Arrow: Cut the act, Luthor. I've got intel linking Lex Corp's shell companies to the sale of weapons to both countries. You're profiting from this war.

Red Arrow: [to Aqualad] Take Sportsmaster. Cheshire's *mine*!
Cheshire: So territorial. And only our third date.