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Mike (Character)
from "Power Rangers Samurai" (2011)

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"Power Rangers Samurai: Fight Fire with Fire (#2.16)" (2012)
Mia: Jayden, you can't go. You know how we all feel.
Jayden: I know. But Lauren alone has the sealing power. She's able to do what I could never do. End this fight, bring peace. You all need to rally around her.
Antonio Garcia: We need you too. Lauren, tell him. Well, go on, tell him.
Mike: Mentor, what is this? Jayden's leaving. How can you keep this from us? Come on! Make him stay.
Mentor-Ji: You can't stop him. No one can.
Jayden: Ji, you've been my guiding light. Thank you for everything. Mike, Emily, Mia, Antonio, Kevn, it's been honor to fight by your side.
Kevin: I'm going with you.
Jayden: You're a Samurai Ranger. I'm counting on you stay and fight by my sister's side. I know you'll make her as proud of you as you made me.

Emily: It was Jayden who brought us together. Somehow, fighting next to him made me a stronger warrior.
Mike: So what are we supposed to do? Just forget about him like he never existed?
Lauren: Of course not.
Kevin: Mike, you remember what Jayden said. We have a duty as samurai.
Antonio Garcia: Well, he's my best friend. And technically, I'm not a true samurai like all you are. So, I'm going after him.
Mike: I'm sorry, Lauren. I'm sure you're a great samurai, but it's just not the same without Jayden.

Antonio Garcia: Muy feo. These guys get uglier every time I see them.
Mike: Yo, Moogers have cornered the market on ugly. It's what they do best.

Mike: Wow, this is classic. I could write kanji symbols like a master with this thing.
Emily: I wouldn't go that far. Mike has kanji issues.
Mike: Hey.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Samurai Forever (#2.20)" (2012)
Emily: Don't worry, Mentor. You taught us to never give up. We'll beat Master Xandred if it's the last thing we do.
Mike: And after that, you're gonna teach me something new.
Mentor-Ji: What's that?
Mike: To ride your motorcycle.
Mentor-Ji: Now that scares me more than any Nighlok.

Master Xandred: I thought I told you pathetic fools to wait.
Mike: Sorry. We became impatient.
Jayden: You will fall, and this world will be protected.
Mike, Jayden, Mia, Kevin, Emily, Antonio Garcia: Rangers together! Samurai forever!
Master Xandred: Fools. Forever is shorter than you think.
[to Moogers]
Master Xandred: Attack!

"Power Rangers Samurai: A Sticky Situation (#2.11)" (2012)
Mike: What? We're just practicing the Waltz.
Kevin: A Waltz?
Mike: I'll lead.
Kevin: What are you doing? We're not dancing the Waltz.
Mike: Foxtrot?

Kevin: I drank a lot of juice this morning.
Mike: Huh?
[looks at the men's room]
Mike: Now, tell me you're just kidding me. No, not the bathroom. Oh, man.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Trust Me (#2.12)" (2012)
Jayden: Moogers, you might be wearing party hats, but this party is over. Wait. Are they hats or garbage can lids?
Mike: It's time to take out the trash!

Emily: Hey, did you see Mentor take out those Master Blasters?
Mike: Yeah, not bad for an old dude.
Mentor-Ji: Old?
Mike: I didn't mean "old" in the sense of "retirement home." I meant more of, like, you know, retro cool.
Antonio Garcia: Too late.
Kevin: Open mouth, insert foot.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Unexpected Arrival (#1.11)" (2011)
Mike: I mean, someone shot this arrow. There's something fishy about this.
Emily: Obviously.
Mike: No. There's really something fishy. Smell.
Emily: [sniffs arrow] Ugh.

Mike: Let me ask this again. Who is this guy?
Emily: Wow, he's so sparkly.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Clash of the Red Rangers Part 2 (#1.23)" (2011)
Green Samurai Ranger: It's time to rage against the machine.

Red Samurai Ranger, Pink Samurai Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger, Blue Samurai Ranger, Yellow Samurai Ranger: Samurai Shark Megazord armed for battle!
General Gut: I'm not scared of you! Do your worst!
Red Samurai Ranger: Let's show him what a team can do.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Trading Places (#2.3)" (2012)
Switchbeast: Switchbeast, you've done it again. Time to finish him off. Just one blow, and the Red Ranger is history.
Switchbeast: Huh?
[Mike stops Switchbeast from smashing the gnome switched with Jayden]
Green Samurai Ranger: History's not my best subject.
Switchbeast: [fights Kevin and Mia] Well, then let me school you. In 1492, I took out the Rangers pink and blue.

Green Samurai Ranger: Okay, Mr. Nighlok. Now that you've had a taste of your own medicine, how about you tell us the quick and easy way to switch everybody back.
Switchbeast: You sneaky snakes. Ugh, I feel so gross and hero-y.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Clash of the Red Rangers Part 1 (#1.22)" (2011)
Mike: From now on when Mia cooks, I'm wearing my helmet.

RPM Red Ranger: You guys really need to update your weapons.
Green Samurai Ranger: Dude, we can handle this.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Origins Part 2 (#1.20)" (2011)
Mike: Want a bite?
Kevin: No, thanks. I never snack between meals while in samurai training?
Mike: When *aren't* you in training?
Kevin: Never.

"Power Rangers Samurai: The Rescue (#2.5)" (2012)
Mike: Haven't you Moogers figured it out? When it comes to fighting, green means stop.
Emily: Yeah! And I'm not exactly mellow yellow! I haven't even begun to show you what I can do. Hiyah!
Antonio Garcia: My moves are golden, but it's my Barracuda Blade that will cut you down to size.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Day Off (#1.3)" (2011)
Dreadhead: You saying there's something wrong with my hair?
Green Samurai Ranger: Yeah, it's so dreadful, it needs a trim.
[Green Samurai Ranger slashes him]

"Power Rangers Samurai: Stroke of Fate (#2.15)" (2012)
Deker: This is a waste of time. You're not worthy opponents.
Mike: You're wrong, Deker! Honor and compassion aren't Antonio's weaknesses. His heart is his greatest strength.
Antonio Garcia: I was a fool to think Deker could be reasoned with.
Kevin: No, you were really brave. We need a samurai like you on the team to remind us what we really stand for.
Antonio Garcia: Let's go stop him once and for all.

"Power Rangers Samurai: The Ultimate Duel (#1.18)" (2011)
Jayden: Everyone, I just want to say I'm sorry. I know I had to duel Deker to stop him from hurting people, but... I also think something in me wanted to fight him to prove myself worthy of being the Red Ranger.
Emily: No, Jayden. He forced your hand.
Mike: You did what you had to do.
Jayden: Maybe. But there's still much to do, and I promise I won't ever jeopardize our mission again.
Kevin: Deker is gone but Master Xandred is still out there. And until he's defeated, no one is safe.
Jayden: As Rangers, it's our responsibility to save the world from the Nighlok. I'm just grateful we don't have to do it alone.

"Power Rangers Samurai: The Team Unites (#1.1)" (2011)
Matthew: I've never seen you this serious before.
Mike: Oh, it takes some getting used to, but protecting the entire world from evil is a big deal.
Reese: Protecting the world from evil? Well, what video game's that?

"Power Rangers Samurai: The Great Duel (#2.17)" (2012)
Emily: Wow, you must trained day and night.
Lauren: That's not too far from the truth.
[walks in the kitchen as Mia prepares lunch]
Mike: But I bet nothing, nothing could have prepared you for this.
Mia: Lunch is ready.

"Power Rangers Samurai: The Sealing Symbol (#2.19)" (2012)
Mike: Are you still happy you decided to become a samurai?
Antonio Garcia: Are you serious? Being a Ranger is the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Mike: Me either.
Emily: No place I'd rather be.
Jayden: I guess I don't have to ask you all if you're ready for this, then.
Kevin: Jayden, as long as you're with us, we're ready for anything.
Mike: Booyah.
Emily: No matter what we're up against, we're in this together all the way.