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Jilly Kitzinger (Character)
from "Torchwood" (2006)

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"Torchwood: Miracle Day: The Blood Line (#4.10)" (2011)
The Mother: Forgive me, but according to our contacts there are forces moving in, so we are advancing our plan. Midnight tonight, long after we're gone, we're blowing this whole thing sky high.
Jilly Kitzinger: Won't that stop The Miracle?
The Mother: On the contrary, it'll become never-ending. The Blessing won't be hurt, just buried so that no one can never change it again.

Rex Matheson: You've seen immortality. I'm living it. Why would you want this?
The Cousin: This is only stage one.
Gwen Cooper: But you ruined the world out there!
The Mother: The Miracle shocked the economy. The economy collapsed. We tear down in order to rebuild. And now it's almost within sight - the new world.
Gwen Cooper: Yeah, with no room for the poor, the weak and the ones who don't fit in.
The Mother: That's the way the world works now. We're just making it official. The families have just been waiting. Now we can step in to control the banks. The banks control the government. The government controls the people. Soon we'll be able to decide who lives, how long, where and why.
Jilly Kitzinger: [relieved sigh] It's about time.
Gwen Cooper: Oh great, so it's about the world according to Kitzinger, is it?
Jilly Kitzinger: Listen, you can bleed your liberal heart all over the place, but are you really going to tell me the world was working before? 'Cause I have worked for the rich, the powerful, and the obese. I have stared into the high end of the Western Society and let me tell you, it's like shoveling an open sewer. These families - they want to make the world fitter, more compact, more disciplined. I like the sound of that. That sounds like salvation.

Jilly Kitzinger: I've got nothing. What the hell am I supposed to do? I had to buy my way out of that God-forsaken country. I had to sell my own jewelry! I can't go home. I've got the whole C.I.A. watching for me, the F.B.I. - everyone. What do I do now?
Blue Eyed Man: You start again.
Jilly Kitzinger: With who?
Blue Eyed Man: Us.
Jilly Kitzinger: Why would I do that after everything that you have put me through?
Blue Eyed Man: Because we very nearly succeeded. As trial runs go, it was good.
Jilly Kitzinger: Trial runs for what?
Blue Eyed Man: Plan B. Interested?