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Deliverer (Character)
from "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995)

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"Xena: Warrior Princess: The Deliverer (#3.4)" (1997)
Xena: [smiling after slashing the Deliverer with her breast dagger] Well that answers one question. You can get hurt.
Deliverer: [roars]
Xena: [laughs] You get pretty mad too.
Deliverer: [growls]
Xena: Come and get me then. You half witted toady to a third-rate god, come and get me! Come on.
Xena: [the Deliverer attacks, Xena flips out of his way. He looks over his shoulder in anger. Xena smirks at him] What's the matter? A mere mortal giving you a problem? I thought your god was all powerful or something.
Deliverer: You can't talk of the great Dahak like that.
Xena: Great? Great at what?
Xena: [circling] All I've seen is a lame attempt at a religion and some fancy fireworks. Are you sure he's what you think he is? Maybe he's got you fooled too?
[the Deliverer roars in anger, attacks, and Xena flips him into the fire pit]