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Quotes for
Jean (Character)
from Emmanuelle (1974)

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Emmanuelle (1974)
Jean: You're not my possession, you're not my beauty. You are beauty. And l love you.
Emmanuelle: How far can true love go?
Jean: It wouldn't be true love if you could measure it.

Emmanuelle II (1975)
Anna-Maria: I like Emmanuelle very much... but there are things about you two I can't bring myself to accept. You play around with love.
Jean: If you mean to - to accuse us of sleeping with whomever we want - yes, we play around.
Anna-Maria: Isn't that dangerous?
Jean: No, there's no danger in going to bed with someone, but falling in love with them - that can be dangerous. Let me tell you a secret - I don't love Laura, I love Emmanuelle.
Anna-Maria: Supposing one day you happen to fall in love?
Jean: I'll admit, there's that risk, but... I happen to like risks, as Emmanuelle does.
Anna-Maria: She knows about Laura?
Jean: Certainly; I don't hide anything. Don't you think that's the way a couple should be?
Anna-Maria: I suppose.
Jean: No lying to each other, even by omission. I've no rights over Emmanuelle - if it pleases her, it pleases me.

Emmanuelle 3 (1977)
Cécile: What's this dance?
Jean: It's called Sega.
Cécile: I've heard of a dance ending in an orgy.
Jean: That's the Moutia. Much more primitive, more like a happening.
Jean: When people drink, it degenerates.