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Johnny's Wife (Character)
from I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

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I Spit on Your Grave (2010)
Storch: [on cell phone with his wife and daughter while driving along the road] Hey, sweetheart!
Mrs. Storch: Chastity's new teacher's here!
Storch: Mrs. Novick?
Mrs. Storch: No, from the honors program.
Storch: Do you remember anything?
Mrs. Storch: Oh yeah, that's right-
[Mrs. Storch hands Chastity the cell phone]
Storch: I'm real busy, sweetheart...
Chastity Storch: Hey, Daddy!
Storch: Hello, angel! Daddy's real busy working...
Chastity Storch: But l really want you to meet my new teacher. She's way cool!
[Chastity hands a young woman the cell phone; it's actually Jennifer]
Chastity Storch: Here. Just say hi!
Jennifer: [Jennifer takes the phone and talks to Storch] Howdy, sheriff!
Storch: It's truly an honor to speak with you, Miss...
Jennifer: Hills!
Jennifer: Jennifer Hills!
Storch: [Storch suddenly stops his car, tires screeching] Excuse me?
Jennifer: I have to tell you it's been a pleasure meeting your family.
Jennifer: You have a wonderful daughter with a bright and promising future!
Storch: What the hell do you think you're doing?
Jennifer: We'll see soon, sheriff!
[Jennifer hangs up the cell phone and smiles politely at Mrs. Storch and Chastity]
Storch: No, wait!
Storch: SHIT!