Doctor Walter Magnus
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Doctor Walter Magnus (Character)
from "NCIS" (2003)

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"NCIS: Recruited (#8.12)" (2011)
Doctor Walter Magnus: My name is uh, is Magnus. I'm meeting with Dr. Mallard.
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: Oh, okay. Is Ducky in the pond yet, McGee?
Special Agent Timothy McGee: I haven't seen him. You're welcome to wait for him though, if you like.
Doctor Walter Magnus: If you don't mind, I'd like to - to wait in autopsy.
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: [Chuckles] You sure? Smells funny.
Doctor Walter Magnus: Well, that's uh, that's a matter of opinion.
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: It's a matter of dead bodies. Stinky.

Doctor Walter Magnus: Why do people always get killed in the least accessible places? I once found a ship's cook all chopped up and left in a fryer. The sailors nibbled on him and the - the calamari for days.

Doctor Walter Magnus: Since her mother died - we uh, Jenny and I, we don't talk much. She has her own family now. People grow aparat. Life goes on.
Dr. Donald Mallard: Well,you'll always be welcome here.
Doctor Walter Magnus: It's good being back, Donald.

Abby Sciuto: It's amazing that you guys didn't have all these computers and stuff, and you solved cases. I mean really complicated ones. I mean I know coroners weren't doing Forensic autopsies back then. But it wasn't until 1975 that the FBI installed their first automated fingerprint reader. That sort of revolutionized what I do - what *we* do.
Doctor Walter Magnus: I-I-I haven't understood one thing you said. But I'm all for it. Forensics have certainly changed. haven't they doctor?
Dr. Donald Mallard: Yes, indeed. You should see her when se gets excited about a case.

Doctor Walter Magnus: Unbelieveable. What I would have give for a- a piece of hardware like her - I mean like this.
Dr. Donald Mallard: Well you were part of a different era, Walter
Special Agent Jethro Gibbs: Ah Hell, Doctor, nothing to be ashamed of.

Dr. Donald Mallard: Your family is your purpose now, Walter. You have a responsibility to those two boys to teach them everything you know.
Doctor Walter Magnus: But damn it, I CAN'T! I mean, don't you see? Before the symptoms started, before the - Hell, alzeheimers diagnosis. I would run cases in my head. Every autopsy, every detail I remembered it all. And now there's NOTHING! That's why I came here. Just one last time. Thinking that maybe it would - it would all come back. Sometimes I can't remember who I was.
Dr. Donald Mallard: Then let me show you.