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Arnold Perlstein (Character)
from "The Magic School Bus" (1994)

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"The Magic School Bus: Gets Lost in Space (#1.1)" (1994)
Arnold: Janet's right. Ms. Frizzle *could* be on Saturn, couldn't she?
Wanda Li: Okay, Arnold, but it's YOUR job to keep your crazy cousin under control!

Dorothy Ann: [as the bus orbits the earth, the class is experiencing zero gravity] We're weightless!
Arnold: We're in trouble!
Janet: No, Arnold, we're in orbit around the earth!

Janet: There's no way I'm going home without my stuff!
Arnold: There's no way I'm going home without you.

Ralphie Tennelli: We're lost in space!
Ralphie Tennelli, Janet, Dorothy Ann, Keesha Franklin, Tim, Carlos Ramon, Arnold, Wanda Li, Phoebe Terese: We're lost in space!

Arnold: *Nobody* is better than Ms. Frizzle.

Ralphie Tennelli: [pretending to speak into the PA system, when he's really hiding behind a box] Attention, all students, we've just learned that scientists have made their first contact with an alien from outer space.
Phoebe Terese: An alien!
Arnold: Wow!
Tim: Ralphie was right.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Oh my!
Ralphie Tennelli: [as Liz jumps from Ms. Frizzle's shoulder to reveal Ralphie hiding behind the box] The alien, claiming to be from Pluto, has called to complain about a pile of litter that was recently dumped on his planet.
Phoebe Terese, Arnold, Tim, Janet, Carlos Ramon, Wanda Li: Ralphie!

Janet: [as the bus enters outer space] What's happening?
Ralphie Tennelli, Dorothy Ann, Keesha Franklin, Tim, Carlos Ramon, Arnold, Wanda Li, Phoebe Terese: A field trip!

"The Magic School Bus: All Dried Up (#1.7)" (1994)
Dorothy Ann: I'm tired.
Tim Jamal: I'm hot.
Ralphie Tennelli: I'm hungry.
Arnold Perlstein: [importantly] I'm prepared.

Arnold Perlstein: [reading his field trip survival guide] Field trip tip number 63: In the event of a rapid loss of altitude, you may want to put on a parachute.

Arnold Perlstein: Field trip tip number 158: When the sun is beating down on your head, put on a hat. Got that covered!

Arnold Perlstein: Field trip tip number 107: To avoid being eaten, become inedible. What does that mean?

Arnold Perlstein: Field trip tip number 257: To beat the heat, do like most desert animals: come out only at night.

Arnold Perlstein: Field trip tip number 999: For those without desert adaptations, always travel with a teacher with frizzy red hair.

"The Magic School Bus: For Lunch (#1.2)" (1994)
Wanda Li: [ghostly, as Arnold is about to eat Ralphie's mallowblaster] Arrrnollllllld...
Arnold Perlstein: Huh? I've heard my stomach growl before, but - talk?
Wanda Li: Arrrrrrrnollllllld - are *you* about to eat Ralphie's mallowblasterrrr?
Arnold Perlstein: Uh, no... I-I mean, yes! Eeeee! Wait a second! Who *is* this?
Wanda Li: This is your conscience, Arnold. You know you musn't eat Ralphie's mallowblaster. Besides, you're not even hungry.
Arnold Perlstein: Not hungry? But I could eat a...
Wanda Li: You just *think* you're hungry, but what you *really* are is - thirsty.
Arnold Perlstein: I am?
Wanda Li: Trust me, you are. Now there's a nice bottle of seltzer in Wanda's lunchbag. *That's* what you *really* want.
Arnold Perlstein: [hesitantly reaching for the seltzer] Well - OK, I-I guess. Hey, how come it's OK to drink Wanda's seltzer, but it's *not* OK to eat Ralphie's mallowblaster?
Wanda Li: Because Wanda is a far kinder, more generous human being than Ralphie when it comes to sharing.
Arnold Perlstein: Then how come when *she* has a mallowblaster, she hogs it all to herself?
Wanda Li: Look, I'm your conscience, all right? Just do what I say and drink the seltzer. Now!
Arnold Perlstein: [to Liz] Time me.
[drinks the seltzer]

Arnold Perlstein: One field trip for them, one bag of Cheezie Weezies for me.

Arnold Perlstein: Ah, nothing like Cheezie Weezies with a green olive chaser.

Arnold Perlstein: [to Liz, after burping the bus out, thanks to drinking Wanda's seltzer] Did I break the seltzer chunking record?
[Liz shakes her head]
Arnold Perlstein: I'll never break a record. I'll never win anything. I'll never even get to eat lunch.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [appearing back in the classroom with the rest of the class, about to present Arnold's lunch] Did someone say "lunch"?

Wanda Li: [clearing her throat, then presenting Arnold with a sandwich trophy] Congratulations, Arnold.
Arnold Perlstein: Huh?
Wanda Li: You just broke the record for being the best field trip ever!
Arnold Perlstein: Wha - what?
Wanda Li: And giving me the ride of my dreams!
Arnold Perlstein: You mean - *I* was the field trip?
[the rest of the class nods]
Wanda Li: Yep.
Arnold Perlstein: But where exactly did you go?
[his stomach growls]
Arnold Perlstein: You went - inside?
[the rest of the class laughs]

"The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie (#1.3)" (1994)
Arnold Perlstein: I think Ralphie shouldn't have stayed home today.

Arnold Perlstein: The trick here is, *not* to make eye contact.

Carlos Ramon: [after Ralphie places the bus next to the partly covered scab on his knee] It's a short cut. Get it, short cut?
Phoebe Terese, Arnold Perlstein, Dorothy Ann, Keesha Franklin: Carlos, yuck!
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Excellent observation, Carlos. Seatbelts, everyone!

Arnold Perlstein: Is Ralphie staying home from school today, Ms. Frizzle?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Yes, I'm afraid so, Arnold.
Wanda Li: [worrying, then shaking Arnold] What're we gonna do, what're we gonna do, what're we gonna do?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Why, we're taking school to him, of course! To the bus!