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Winnie Pig (Character)
from Tiny Toons Spring Break (1994) (TV)

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Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation (1992) (V)
Plucky Duck: There he goes, my best pal on a vacation of a lifetime. Why don't I sit here and drop alone?
[Car rushes back]
Winnie Pig: Oops, dropped the toilet paper.

[the Pig family is singing "99 Bottles of Non-Alcoholic Beverage On the Wall"]
Plucky Duck: Call me picky, but isn't that song supposed to be "99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall"?
Winnie Pig: We don't drink in our family, Plucky!

Plucky Duck: Is it just me, or is it hot in here? How about turning on the A.C., huh?
Wade Pig: Air conditioning wastes gas; I'll just crack the window.
Winnie Pig: Don't you dare, Wade! People will think we can't afford air conditioning!

Winnie Pig: Good Heavens, Plucky. If you drink that much water, we'll be stopping again in no time!

Winnie Pig: There's that nice young man we met.
Winnie Pig: Did you give him our address?
Hampton Pig: No, Mom. I gave him Plucky's.
Plucky Duck: WHAT?

Wade Pig: Whoa! That was some time we had there!
Winnie Pig: I'll say! Now let's go home.
Hampton: Okay, Mom.
Plucky Duck: B-b-but we didn't do anything! All we did was ride around in the monorail!
Wade Pig: Can't do it all on the first visit, Plucky. Maybe you'll have to look forward to the next time we come.
Winnie Pig: Oh dear, I guess Plucky's had way too much excitement for one day.
Wade Pig: Put him in back, Hampton.
Hampton: Okay.
Plucky Duck: [singing out of his mind] Happy World Land... Happy World Land... where all your dreams come true...

Plucky Duck: Look, Hammy, here's the cream of my collection: a pristine mint condition first printing of 'Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs', number one!
Winnie Pig: Ooh, now Plucky, we don't allow Hamton to read comic books on family trips.
Plucky Duck: [sarcastically, gives the comics to Hamton] Sheesh! Typical parents convinced comics will sabotage cerebellum.
Hampton: [feeling nauseous] It's not that. Reading in the car always makes me...
[gulps in sickness]
Hampton: ... carsick.

Plucky Duck: Are we anywhere remotely near Happy World Land yet?
Wade Pig: No, but if you're bored we can always play...
Hampton Pig: Spot-the-car? Spot-the-car?
Wade Pig: Spot-the-car!
Hampton Pig: Whoopee!
Plucky Duck: Oh, you mean like spot the red cars or the cars with out-of-state-plate?
Hampton Pig: No, any car!
Wade Pig: Here they come!
Winnie Pig, Wade Pig, Hampton Pig: [jumping up and down] There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car!
Plucky Duck: [squashed] Fun game.
Winnie Pig: Look, look! Here come some more!
Winnie Pig, Wade Pig, Hampton Pig: There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a... Oops! Truck!
Plucky Duck: Shoot me.

Radio Announcer: [after picking up a creepy-looking hitchhiker]
Radio Announcer: Newsflash: a psychotic killer has escaped from the state maximum security prison. The raving maniac has been described as a lanky man with straggly hair and a pasty complexion.
[Plucky looks at the hitchhiker - he matches the description]
Radio Announcer: When last sighted, the homicidal fiend was wearing a dirty baseball cap, tattered overcoat, and green hightops.
[Plucky looks at the man's shoes - they are orange]
Plucky Duck: Whew!
Radio Announcer: Wait, I'm sorry. That's ORANGE hightops.
Plucky Duck: Mama!
Radio Announcer: Doctors report the slavering lunatic has a psychotic aversion to pork. In fact, exposure to any pork product will cause him to go screaming off the deep end. If seen, please notify the authorities at once. Remember this important number: 555-9...
[Plucky starts writing it down when Winny shuts off the radio]
Winnie Pig: Honestly, there's so much sensationalism in the media these days.

Plucky Duck: [Hampton explains how to play the Car game] So, what you mean you pick out the red ones, or the ones with out of state plates?
Hampton: Nope! ANY car!
Uncle Stinky, Winnie Pig, Wade Pig, Hampton: There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car!
[Uncle Stinky bounces onto Plucky crushing him into the seat]
Uncle Stinky, Winnie Pig, Wade Pig, Hampton: There's a car! There's a car!
Plucky Duck: [Crushed under Uncle Stinky] Fun game.