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Capt. Ken Epstein (Character)
from "Pacific Station" (1991)

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"Pacific Station: Magnificent Obsession (#1.2)" (1991)
[Al enters the squard room with Officer Jimmy walking behind]
Det. Al Burkhardt: Try to keep up, will ya?
Det. Bob Ballard: What's going on, Jimmy?
Officer Jimmy: [Pointing to Al] Captain assigned me special detail, to protect this man.
Det. Al Burkhardt: Can you belive this. This guy hasn't been out of the supply room in thirty years!
[Spotting Captain Epstein]
Det. Al Burkhardt: Sir, I respectfuly request a younger policeman.
Capt. Ken Epstein: Det. Burkhardt, I will not allow age discrimination in this precinct. Jimmy has a lifetime of police experience - he's forgotten more than you'll ever know!

Santini: [pointing at Capparelli] I want this lunatic brought up on charges. Who's the senior officer here?
Capt. Ken Epstein: Ballard, take over here!