Mike Powell
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Mike Powell (Character)
from "No Ordinary Family" (2010)

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"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Brother (#1.12)" (2011)
Mike Powell: You're doing it, that thing you do with your forehead when you're hiding something.
Jim Powell: I'm not doing anything with my forehead.
Mike Powell: Liar. Don't make me call Mom.
Jim Powell: Oh, come on, Mike.
Mike Powell: Come on. I'm your brother. Why don't you trust me?
Jim Powell: Because!
Mike Powell: Because WHY!
Mike Powell: Oh, screw you. I'm serious.

Mike Powell: [seeing The Lair] I gotta say, Jim, this is a big step up from sketching muggers.
Jim Powell: Yeah.
Mike Powell: You guys must make serious cash for this "Heroes For Hire" stuff, right?

Mike Powell: You know what? That super-brain of yours is too much pressure for a kid your age. I think you need a little more fun in your life, don't you?

Mike Powell: You know, humans are the only species that insist on monogamy. Go to the zoo. Check out the monkeys, all right? It's like Boogie Nights in there.
George St. Cloud: Okay. Wait, wait. Okay. Monkeys also throw poo at each other, so I'm not sure if they got it all right.

Jim Powell: Where were you Mike? Where were you when dad had his heart attack?
Mike Powell: What? That was ten years ago.
Jim Powell: I know where dad was, he was in the ICU. I know where I was, I was by his bed side. I called you, I begged you, to come and sit with me.
Mike Powell: He was unconscious, and you were there. And it all turned out fine.
Jim Powell: Don't you understand? I didn't need you there for HIM! I needed you there for ME!
Mike Powell: I didn't... I didn't realize that.
Jim Powell: That's the problem. You never do.