Stacee Jaxx
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Stacee Jaxx (Character)
from Rock of Ages (2012)

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Rock of Ages (2012)
Stacee Jaxx: I know me better than anyone... because I live in here... and nobody else can.
Constance Sack: I can

Stacee Jaxx: [after having sex with Constance Sack] That... that... can be on the record.

Paul Gill: Stacee! You need to go on stage, man!
Stacee Jaxx: ...I am on stage, Paul.
[Stacee falls over into pool]
Paul Gill: [sighs] Oh, shit.

Stacee Jaxx: [Waves empty bottle to his pet baboon, "Hey Man"] Hey Man, Scotch me.

Crowd: Stacee! Stacee! Stacee!
Lonny: Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to rock? Welcome to the famous Bourbon Room on the Sunset Strip... Stacee Jaxx and Arsenal!
Stacee Jaxx: Hey Los Angeles! This is a little song called "Paradise City"!

Dennis Dupree: Hey Stacee you made it!
Stacee Jaxx: Hey Man...
Dennis Dupree: Yeah, hey, man.
Stacee Jaxx: [Points to his pet baboon] No, this... is Hey Man.

Paul Gill: Okay great interview, hope you got everything
Constance Sack: You're not a cowboy
Stacee Jaxx: Why don't you tell me what I am?
Constance Sack: You are man-child stuck in a rut
Stacee Jaxx: I love it when you talk dirty...
Constance Sack: You used to be great, but whatever made you that way, it's gone
Stacee Jaxx: That's right give it to me rough
Constance Sack: Now you are just another asleep at the wheel singing songs you wrote ten years ago.
Paul Gill: Okay lady...
Constance Sack: Oh and as long as you got this manager keeping you on the road and doping you up with girls and booze and million dollar record deals he's gonna keep you asleep, and drive your career right off a cliff.
Paul Gill: Line crossed. Let's go sweetheart
Constance Sack: Don't touch me.
[to Stacee]
Constance Sack: You used to write great songs. Where are they now?
Paul Gill: You know what? I'm calling your editor. Close friend of mine, by the way. Jann Wenner's office
Stacee Jaxx: Get out
Paul Gill: My words exactly. This interview is over
Stacee Jaxx: No, no, no, not her. You. All of you
Paul Gill: Copy that. Everybody out

Stacee Jaxx: Five minutes and go!
Constance Sack: Okay Stacee Jaxx back at the Bourbon...
Stacee Jaxx: No, no, no. No. Now go
Constance Sack: Uh, at the Bourbon where it all started, your first album "Stick Meat" gave birth to some of rock's greatest anthems. And now a solo career. Why now?
Stacee Jaxx: Well... I think... I think due to the changing nature of the music industry... The change in cultural trends... And when you think of blah blah blah and blah blah blah, you make sure that you wanna take in blah blah hahaha. Four minutes
Constance Sack: You know, some people have said that you've become quite difficult to work with. That you're constantly late, you're reclusive, sometimes even nonsensical
Stacee Jaxx: I wanna ask you this: Have these people, even met themselves?
Constance Sack: Well, I'm talking about your band
Stacee Jaxx: Let me tell you something. I know me better than anyone because I live in here. Eight minutes
Constance Sack: You just said four
Stacee Jaxx: Three
Constance Sack: Do you think that it's possible, that you've shut down or alienated so many people, that you had no other option but to go solo?
Stacee Jaxx: You gotta be true to the muse. Hey Man, scotch me, little buddy
Constance Sack: And who is your muse? Ahem
Constance Sack: Born Steven Jackson in Detroit Michigan...
Stacee Jaxx: Are we out?
Constance Sack: ...Raised by a single mom, Doris, now deceased. Dropped out of Woodrow Wilson High in 11th grade. Your first concert was Aerosmith. When you were 17 you hitchhiked to LA with your high school sweetheart. Remember her? No comment? Hmmm?
Stacee Jaxx: Two minutes
Constance Sack: Did I hit a nerve? Aerosmith? Detroit? High school sweetheart? Jenny Anderson, your first love. And your last hit single "I'm gonna rock you in your mouth" it was written about her
Stacee Jaxx: Record sold 100 million copies
Constance Sack: And that record was produced about eight years ago. Some people say you've sold out since then
Stacee Jaxx: I sell out all right. Every seat, every stadium I ever play
Constance Sack: Yeah, and yet creatively you've come to a standstill. You've been in and out of the studio for the past, what? Two years? And no results. Nothing
Stacee Jaxx: Time

Constance Sack: [after the interview] You know you're not so weird. You're just another lonely man with many regrets
Stacee Jaxx: I said time. You can go now
Constance Sack: Final question. What happens when you realize you can't get rid of Stacee Jaxx?
Stacee Jaxx: You have no idea what it's like to be me
Constance Sack: Well, then here's your chance. What's it like to be the Stacee Jaxx?

Constance Sack: You know, I think you get this sense of entitlement due to the fact that you're a rock god. But it's not real. It's not love
Stacee Jaxx: No. It's not love.
Constance Sack: Then what is it?
Stacee Jaxx: Off the record? Sex. And other people's projections of what they want me to be. Or what you and all your readers want me to be. Sex And it keeps me from going out... and getting the one thing that could save me. But I can't have that now. I'm a slave to rock 'n' roll. I am searching for the perfect song... the perfect sound that will make you wanna live forever. Like I said, I know me better than anyone because I live in here... and no one else can...
Constance Sack: I can...