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Georgie Price-Jones (Character)
from "The Avengers" (1961)

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"The Avengers: The Girl from Auntie (#4.17)" (1966)
John Steed: I'm to deliver this to Mrs. Emma Peel.
Georgie Price-Jones: Well, I'm Mrs. Emma Peel.
John Steed: Eh, a friend of yours, John Steed send it.
Georgie Price-Jones: Steed?
John Steed: A small fat man with a gray moustache.
Georgie Price-Jones: Oh, of course, now I remember.

Georgie Price-Jones: What are you doing?
John Steed: Looking for clues.
[rummages through some papers]
Georgie Price-Jones: Oh, I see. Clues!
[picks up a notebook and starts reading]
John Steed: [reading] Nine o'clock appointment with Auntie...
Georgie Price-Jones: Steed, listen to this: S1, K9, K2 tog toble eck.
John Steed: Well?
Georgie Price-Jones: Don't you see, it's a code. It seemed very clue-like.

John Steed: Six bodies in an hour and twenty minutes. What do you call that?
Georgie Price-Jones: A good first act.

Georgie Price-Jones: [having just smashed a vase on Steed's head] Steed! I thought you were an old lady with a bale and knitting needles.
John Steed: They do say I take after granny.
Georgie Price-Jones: Are you all right?
John Steed: I should get my armoured hat on.

Georgie Price-Jones: What's so special about this Mrs. Emma Peel? You'd think she was Madame Currie and half a dozen others all rolled into one.
John Steed: Her vital statistics. Of the I.Q. variety. Hold that
[hands over a roll of bandages]
John Steed: She knows about cyphers, centered fuels, cybernetics and that's what's Ivanov is interested in.
Georgie Price-Jones: Well it just so happens that I nearly passed through college, I was going to specialise in -
John Steed: Excuse me...
[places a band aid over her mouth]

Emma Peel: [having finally escaped her oversized birdcage] And no cracks please about birds in gilded cages.
John Steed: As if I would.
Georgie Price-Jones: Are you alright? We've been so worried about you.
John Steed: Oh, Mrs. Emma Peel, meet, eh... Mrs. Emma Peel...
Emma Peel: [not particularly amused] How do you do?