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Gabby Watters (Character)
from Secret Service of the Air (1939)

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Murder in the Air (1940)
Brass Bancroft: Sabotage?
Saxby: Yes, but we're primarily interested n the body of a hobo that was found dead in the wreckage. He was wearing a money belt containing fifty thousand dollars.
Gabby Watters: [Whistles] A little spending money! He must have been king of the hobos!

Brass Bancroft: Hey, Gabby, come on. What's the matter?
Gabby Watters: Oh, I'm worried about my girl.
Brass Bancroft: Al right, so if you can't keep the date tonight, she'll cry on her mother's shoulder.
Gabby Watters: That's just what I'm worried about. She hasn't got a mother.

Secret Service of the Air (1939)
Gabby Watters: [Last lines] I'll bet they're going to be married.
Tom Saxby: I'm afraid you're right.
Gabby Watters: Well, that finishes him as a secret service man.
Tom Saxby: What, Why?
Gabby Watters: Well, he won't be unable to keep a secret now.

Gabby Watters: [to detective] No so fast! Not so fast! Why, one word from me to the chief and that badge'll be as useless to you as a compass was to Corrigan.
[to detective]