Ronnie Raymond
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Ronnie Raymond (Character)
from "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" (2008)

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"The Flash: Fallout (#1.14)" (2015)
Cisco Ramon: Hey. You gonna miss being able to fly?
Ronnie Raymond: Yeah, maybe if I was the one holding the controller.
Dr. Martin Stein: Meaning?
Ronnie Raymond: Meaning you weren't the most conscientiousness body-mate.
Dr. Martin Stein: So you do not consider keeping you alive to be conscientiousness?
Ronnie Raymond: Alive? We were living under a bridge eating garbage.
Dr. Martin Stein: I did not determine that it would be my mind that would dominate our existence, but thank God it was. I could feel your fear and panic, emotions that likely could have gotten us killed in that state.
Ronnie Raymond: You kept me buried down. You kept me from her.
Dr. Martin Stein: Which is likely why she's still alive. Now I believe you and I have spent quite enough time together.

Caitlin Snow: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta - all your brain waves are perfectly in sync. The chances of that happening are next to impossible.
Barry Allen: Impossible's just another Tuesday for us, remember?
Cisco Ramon: Yeah, but this is like some Twilight Zone level stuff - and I say that knowing full well that we have a guy locked up in our basement who can turn himself into poison gas.
Ronnie Raymond: Wait, really?
Cisco Ramon: Dude, that was, like, week three.

Caitlin Snow: It's okay. I understand. You have to go.
Ronnie Raymond: How'd you know?
Caitlin Snow: I'm connected to you, too.

"The Flash: Flash vs. Arrow (#1.8)" (2014)
Street Punk #1: You got the shakes, man. What are you, tweaking, or just cold?
Ronnie Raymond: I'm not cold.
[ignites his hands and sets the street on fire]

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Darkseid Descending! (#2.23)" (2010)
Batman: Good job, Firestorm. But remember, archenemies can be a deadly business.
Firestorm: [about Killer Frost] Great. Now she's your ex and your archenemy.
Ronnie Raymond: [scoffs] Like there's a difference.

"The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City (#2.1)" (2015)
Caitlin Snow: You're never alone, Barry.
Ronnie Raymond: Neither are you, Mrs. Raymond.
[Ronnie kisses her]
Dr. Martin Stein: Ugh. Thank you for NOT doing that when I was inside you.
Ronnie Raymond: It happened one time. Let it go.