Virgil Hawkins
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Virgil Hawkins (Character)
from "Static Shock" (2000)

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"Static Shock: Duped (#2.10)" (2002)
Virgil: Hey what are you doing?
Frieda: Mr C told us to update the class website
Virgil: By writing 10 pages on the Backstreet Boys?
Richie: We're not writing a fan magazine we're supposed to be writing news.
Frieda: This is news. We're writing a feature article about the impact that music has on popular culture.
Daisy: We're just using the Backstreet Boys as an example.
Virgil: Click here to see Nick's new haircut
Richie: Kevin and Brian's weddings.
Virgil: Howie's acting jobs?
Richie: And of course A.J.'s tattoos.
Virgil, Richie: OOH!
Daisy: You think we're just a couple of mindless giggling fans don't you? You know? I find that to be insulting.
Frieda: Insulting and demeaning.
Virgil: Okay, okay we're sorry.
Richie: Honest. We appologize.
Daisy: Well, you'd better
Richie: Although I do think that A.J. looks better with just a moustache.
Frieda, Daisy: Definitely. You know that's what I was thinking before... HEY! WAIT A MINUTE?
Virgil, Richie: [Virgil and Richie run out of the room laughing after Freida and Daisy run throw everything they can get their hands on at them] Ow!

Sharon: That looks good... Hey! We're eating in half an hour.
Virgil: Yeah. I saw what you were cooking. I thought that I'd build up my strength.
Sharon: By the way. Daisy called. Said something about a big scoop.

Frieda: I don't care what you say Virgil. A.J.'s not like that.
Virgil: Look I know that you and Daisy have mad cap love for the guy but he is just fickled and two-faced.
Daisy: Just because we all like Adam's sound doesn't mean A.J. has to.
Richie: She's got a point V.
Virgil: Way to be on my side bro.

Frieda: Shh! He's on TV.
Daisy: Turn it up.
A.J.: Yeah I was working with this Adam dude but I just wasn't feeling it. Okay so Adam's tunes were tight but they were synthetic. Me? I'm all about the real. You know what I'm saying?
Virgil: Yeah right!

Virgil: Adam! Look I'm sorry for running my big fat mouth off. Especially to someone who has a bigger, fatter, mouth than me.
Sharon Hawkins: Zip it Virgil!
Virgil: I'm just trying to appologize.
Sharon Hawkins: He doesn't want to hear it right now.
Virgil: What happened?
Adam: The deal's off. A.J. doesn't like my music after all.
Virgil: Adam your tunes are tight. There must be some sort of mistake?
Adam: No this came from the horse's mouth. Man I thought A.J. was feeling me but I was getting played like a sucka this whole time. Gah!
Sharon Hawkins: Adam!

[singing Everybody Backstreet's Back]
Virgil: Ahh de phone. Hello? Dis is chef Virgil.
Adam: Hi Virgil. Is Sharon there?
Virgil: No she's not. Can't you tell by my good mood?
Adam: Shoot! I need my CD back right now.
Virgil: I can bring it. Adam?
Adam: Okay I'll give you the directions but you have to come by yourself. Understand?

Virgil: [Yawning] Rough night.
Richie: You look tired. Were you out on patrol all night?
Virgil: No. I couldn't sleep. I kept banging on the wall trying to get Sharon to turn her stereo down. She was up all night listening to Adam's CD.
Richie: Well now you'll know what to get her for her birthday next time?
Virgil: What's that?
Richie: Headphones.

Richie: Wait! What are you doing?
Virgil: I'm logging on to the class website.
Richie: You can't do that.
Virgil: Why not?
Richie: The site crashed. Believe me there's nothing there to see.
Virgil: Richie. Let go of the chair.
Richie: D'oh! You see it's like this. You're with friends, you talk and next thing you know...
Virgil: [shouts] Richie! You told them about A.J.?
Richie: No, not really.
Virgil: Informed sources indicate that A.J. McLean is here in Dakota.
Virgil: Richie!
Richie: Those are unconfirmed rumors. That's all
Virgil: They posted the address of the recording studio!
Richie: Okay it's not my fault. Frieda and Daisy, they forced me to talk. It was double chili cheeseburger with grilled onions.

Virgil: Here you go Adam. Hey I didn't know there was a recording studio here?
Adam: Yeah it's a trade secret now if you don't mind.
Virgil: Hey Slow down. I want to have a look
A.J.: Yo Adam. You got them tunes yet?
Virgil: Hey! You're A.J. McLean! You're a Backstreet Boy?
A.J.: Right on both counts. Let me guess? You have all our CDs.
Virgil: Well, No.
[A.J. fakes a heartattack]
Virgil: But the girls at school. They're crazy about you.
A.J.: That's cool.
Virgil: One question: why are you with him?
A.J.: We're thinking about using some of Adam's music on our new CD.
A.J.: [Female voice calls AJ over the loudspeaker] Later.
Virgil: No way! Adam, this could be it for you man.
Adam: Yeah I know. That's why we have to keep this on the down low. Nobody knows that A.J. is in town and I want it to stay that way.
Virgil: No problem. Don't sweat it. My lips are sealed.
[Over the telephone]
Virgil: Richie you will not believe who I just saw.

Adam: I've waited for a long time but this deal proves that if you stick to your dreams they'll come true.
Richie: Our friend is going to be a star. Think about it V. Superstretch limos, craft service munchies.
Virgil: Richie, he's in a really tough business. One minute you're the hottest thing around the next you're in the close-out bin.
Daisy, Frieda: Hi guys.
Virgil: Who's that on your shirt?
Daisy: Adam of course.
Frieda: He's so cool.
Virgil: Then again there's nothing wrong with being a one-hit-wonder.
Virgil: My name is Virgil and I'm here to say nobody sings and raps my way.
Richie: I'm his pal Richie and I must agree. Together we make great harmony.
Daisy: Friends of yours?
Frieda: Nope. Never seen them.

"Static Shock: Jimmy (#2.11)" (2002)
Virgil: Hey Daisy. You're getting counseling too.
Daisy: Everyone who was involved is getting counseling.
Virgil: What about him?
Daisy: He's getting community service and so are his buddies.

"Young Justice: Endgame (#2.20)" (2013)
Virgil Hawkins: Gotta say, playing hero... it's starting to feel pretty sweet.
Black Lightning: I'm not surprised. You show real potential for this gig. You ever need a mentor, Virgil, you just let me know.

"Young Justice: The Runaways (#2.14)" (2013)
Eduardo 'Ed' Dorado Jr.: Well, what was your escape plan?
Virgil Hawkins: I... didn't actually have a chance to come up with a plan but... hey, Ed can teleport us out!
Eduardo 'Ed' Dorado Jr.: Haven't you been paying attention? I can only teleport myself and only along sight lines. Which makes escaping from a windowless, locked hallway somewhat difficult!