Winslow Schott Sr.
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Winslow Schott Sr. (Character)
from "Justice League" (2001)

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"Smallville: Requiem (#8.14)" (2009)
Oliver Queen: [a tied up Oliver notices the balloons] Oh I get it, the children's ward's two floors up y'know?
Winslow Schott: Excuse me?
Oliver Queen: I figured, the balloons, the monkey, the ridiculous costume, you're a clown right? Aren't you a clown?
Winslow Schott: I am Winslow Schott
Oliver Queen: Oh Winslow, I remember now, it's good to see you're still playing with toys
Winslow Schott: You should've appreciated my genius, you called me one of Star Lab's greatest minds and then you fired me but I found someone who would work with me, who appreciated my genius, none other than Lex Luthor himself
Oliver Queen: I thought he was dead
Winslow Schott: It's you who should be dead; you were supposed to die in that explosion like everyone else!
Oliver Queen: It seems you're getting angry Winslow, maybe you should take your toys and go home
Winslow Schott: When this little fella claps his cymbals 53 times, it'll be the last noise you hear
Oliver Queen: 53, a bit arbitrary isn't it?
Winslow Schott: I filed 53 patterns working for you, while Queen Industries made millions, I got nothing

Winslow Schott: The world moves so fast today, people can't remember how much better it was when they were kids, hours would feel like days and a favorite toy could be a child's best friend
[turns and looks at a doll]
Winslow Schott: toys are a powerful thing you know? A vessel of imagination imbeaured with life to make a simple act real.

Winslow Schott: Even the greatest plan can't guarantee perfect execution
[sits in front of his doll]
Winslow Schott: Ms Mercer wasn't in the building and somehow Oliver Queen survived

"Smallville: Prophecy (#10.20)" (2011)
Winslow Schott: What's to say I just don't tell the whole world who you really are?
Clark Kent: Something tells me if you really wanted to, you already would have. But then, we wouldn't be able to play anymore, would we? No matter how many of you band together, what games you decide to play, I'll always be there to stop you.

"Smallville: Echo (#9.4)" (2009)
Winslow Schott: Let the games begin.