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Bob Duncan (Character)
from "Good Luck Charlie" (2010)

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"Good Luck Charlie: Driving Mrs. Dabney (#1.26)" (2011)
Teddy Duncan: Dad, you promised you'd take me driving today.
Bob Duncan: To be fair, I promise a lot of things I don't deliver on.

Bob Duncan: Boy, I tell you. Nothing good ever happens when I leave the bathroom.

Charlie Duncan: [On PJ's keyboard] Bye bye. B-b-b-b-bye bye.
Bob Duncan: [On his way to teach Teddy how to drive] What's that?
PJ Duncan: Just in case you don't make it back.

Teddy Duncan: Mom, dad says I can't get my license.
Amy Duncan: What? Why not?
Bob Duncan: Because she's not ready.
Teddy Duncan: Well, my driving instructor thinks I am. He says I'm doing great.
Bob Duncan: The man works for the public schools! He's got nothing to live for!

Teddy Duncan: Mom, can you say something?
Amy Duncan: Teddy, honey, I'm sorry, but your father has a very small area of authority... and unfortunately for you, teaching you kids to drive is part of it.
Bob Duncan: So what else is in that area?
Amy Duncan: Barbecuing. That's it.

Bob Duncan: [to the dog, after arguing with Teddy] Hey. You're on my side, right?
Bob Duncan: [pause, then realizes he's never seen this dog before] Honey?
Amy Duncan: Yeah?
Bob Duncan: Why am I talking to a dog?

Bob Duncan: Hey, you know something? He kinda reminds me of your uncle Stan.
Amy Duncan: What?
Bob Duncan: No, take a look. The wet nose? The bloodshot eyes?
Amy Duncan: Come on! He...
Amy Duncan: Oh, now I see it.

Teddy Duncan: [Filming video for Charlie] Big news is I got my drivers' licence, which means I now have total freedom to go wherever I want.
Amy Duncan: Teddy, I need you to pick up some things at the store.
Bob Duncan: And while you're out, the car needs gas.
PJ Duncan: And pick up Gabe, just 'cause I don't want to.

"Good Luck Charlie: Baby Come Back (#1.2)" (2010)
Teddy: [Teddy is making a home video meant for Charlie] Now what I'm about to show you, is kind of disturbing. So brace yourself.
[Teddy opens the kitchen door to reveal her parents talking baby talk, despite Charlie's absence]
Amy: Mmmm. These sammitches will be yummy-wummy.
Bob: Yes they will, yes they will.
Teddy: Mom and Dad have been talking like that ever since you arrived, and if it's not over soon, I'm gonna go cwazy-wazy.

Bob: Honey, order whatever you want. I get a discount here. They're one of my best customers.
Amy: Not something you want to hear from an exterminator.

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! (2011) (TV)
Bob Duncan: Uh, kids, very important.
PJ Duncan: Well, what?
Bob Duncan: The... thing that your mom said.

Gabe Duncan: Grandpa's lost his mind.
Bob Duncan: Well, it's one more thing he and Grandma have in common.

"Good Luck Charlie: Teddy's Little Helper (#1.13)" (2010)
Bob Duncan: Listen up! All right! We're gonna pull this together, we're gonna play as a team and we're gonna give it our all!
Jake: And then we'll win?
Bob Duncan: Not a chance!

Bob Duncan: [after Gabe asks him to be their basketball coach] Let me guess. Coach Fun didn't work out, so now you're crawling back to dad. Well, you know what? Maybe I've moved on.
Gabe Duncan: Fine. I'll go ask Nick's dad.
Bob Duncan: No, no, no! I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it!

"Good Luck Charlie: Kit and Kaboodle (#1.12)" (2010)
Bob Duncan: Gabe, you wearing aftershave?
Gabe Duncan: A little.
Bob Duncan: Why would you do that? You're not shaving yet.
Gabe Duncan: So long as we're being logical, why do you still have a comb?

PJ Duncan: Hey dad.
Bob Duncan: Hey.
PJ Duncan: Uh, you're taking care of Charlie tomorrow afternoon, right?
Bob Duncan: I believe I am.
PJ Duncan: You know, I was thinking maybe she can come to work with me.
Bob Duncan: Why?
PJ Duncan: Because I... feel like I didn't do enough when Teddy and Gabe were babies.
Bob Duncan: Enough? You didn't do anything!
PJ Duncan: I know. And it haunts me.

"Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Goes Viral (#1.15)" (2010)
Amy Duncan: Ooh, what are you having?
Teddy Duncan: Toast points with salmon and dill.
Bob Duncan: Toast points? I say, what's the points?

Bob Duncan: You can't go over there tomorrow night. The Channel 8 news crew is coming over. They're gonna interview the whole family.
Teddy Duncan: Yeah, I think I'll pass
Amy Duncan: What? You don't wanna be on TV with me?
Bob Duncan, PJ Duncan, Gabe Duncan: US!
Amy Duncan: Us?

"Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Is 1 (#1.8)" (2010)
Bob Duncan: Please, don't hurt us!
Francis: Give us one good reason why we shouldn't!
PJ Duncan: Because it would hurt!

"Good Luck Charlie: All Fall Down (#3.21)" (2013)
Gabe Duncan: I finally get my own room, and now we have to move out.
Bob Duncan: It's just for a couple of nights. We're gonna get the house checked out, make sure everything's safe...
Teddy Duncan: Take care of the termite problem...
Bob Duncan: Thought that was implied... And then we're gonna move back in and everything's gonna be back to normal.
Amy Duncan: What do you mean, normal? PJ dropped out of college.
PJ Duncan: Teddy went to Boston!
Teddy Duncan: Dad brought termites into the house!
Bob Duncan: Well, Gabe...
Bob Duncan: What did you do?
Gabe Duncan: Nothing. As usual, I'm the good one.

"Good Luck Charlie: Up a Tree (#1.9)" (2010)
Bob Duncan: That's it! I'm bringing out the big guns. That's right... Mom!
PJ Duncan: We're not scared of you!
PJ Duncan: This is bad.
Teddy Duncan: Lock 'er up.

"Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Did It! (#1.6)" (2010)
Bob Duncan: Look. Guys, I gave you a shot, but I can't use any of these songs.
PJ Duncan: Why not?
Bob Duncan: Well, because... they're not - what's the word - good!