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Quotes for
God (Character)
from Skidoo (1968)

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Skidoo (1968)
God: [smoking marijuana] Mmm, pumpkin!

God: Garbaldo, I told you to keep this ship steady.
The Skipper: It is steady, sir.
God: Are you contradicting me?
The Skipper: Sorry sir, you're right, there's a strong wind coming from the... northeast.
God: I don't care where it's from, stop it!

God: Why don't I go out, you ask? There are nine guys on my crew. You know what the odds are on one of them trying to bump me off?
Darlene Banks: Yeah, nine to one.
God: And you think those are good odds, ay?

God: [unbuttons her jacket] Right now, I'd rather be doing what he's doing than what I'm doing.

God: Password?
God's Mistress: It's me! I forgot it.

Geronimo: Speak softly.
Stash: Xerox me, man. I don't wanna be misquoted.
Geronimo: Peace! You were saying?
Stash: Dig the, uh, Spirit of St. Louis, man. Yeah, like, uh, Greeley says, what's seven or eight Dukes of Windsor when it's uh Mona Lisa time, huh? Yeah, take a bow and arrow, and we're not getting any younger, right? So come in X-17. Over.
Geronimo: Son of Norway, you're loud and clear. Cool as everything.
Stash: Over and out.
God: What'd he say?
Stash: Oh, he says he'll have to get back to me.
Geronimo: Spirit of St. Louis. Lindbergh.
Hippie Guy 1: Kidnapped.
Geronimo: Who?
Hippie Guy 2: Mona Lisa?
Geronimo: Yours.
Flo Banks: Darlene. They've got Darlene!
Hippie Guy 1: Calm.
Geronimo: Bow and arrow. They're armed. But where?
Hippie Guy 1: Horace Greeley said, "Go west, young man."
Geronimo: He did, and how far west? Windsor...
Hippie Gal: Knots!
Geronimo: Water, children, water! Seven to eight knots west of... What? That's the hole. X-17. Think. X-17.
Hippie Guy 1: X could mean "used to be".
Flo Banks: Seventeen! The old pier. Pier 17!