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Gabe Duncan (Character)
from "Good Luck Charlie" (2010)

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"Good Luck Charlie: Kit and Kaboodle (#1.12)" (2010)
Teddy Duncan: Hey Charlie, check this out. Here's something nobody has ever seen before. Gabe is brushing his hair.
Gabe Duncan: Do you have to videotape everything we do? This isn't a reality show!
Teddy Duncan: Oh, I know it's not reality because he took a shower without being asked!

Teddy Duncan: You know what I think? I think you like someone.
Gabe Duncan: So what if I do? It's no big deal.
Teddy Duncan: What, are you kidding? Your first crush is a huge deal.
Gabe Duncan: Look, she's a girl, I'm a guy. These things happen every day.
Teddy Duncan: Not to you.
Gabe Duncan: [Giddy] I know! Can you believe it?

Bob Duncan: Gabe, you wearing aftershave?
Gabe Duncan: A little.
Bob Duncan: Why would you do that? You're not shaving yet.
Gabe Duncan: So long as we're being logical, why do you still have a comb?

Gabe Duncan: Mom, can you help me with something?
Amy Duncan: Sure, honey. What can I do for you?
Gabe Duncan: Well, I have this friend and he needs to know how to talk to girls.
Amy Duncan: Does this friend have a name?
Gabe Duncan: No-ooooorman.
Amy Duncan: Noooooorman? That's an odd name.
Gabe Duncan: Well, I think he's from Nooooooorway.

Amy Duncan: I remember my first crush.
Gabe Duncan: Was it dad?
Amy Duncan: [Sarcastically] Sure, why not?

Gabe Duncan: So, just ask her stuff and listen to the answer? That sounds easy!
Amy Duncan: Sure! Relationships are a piece of cake. That's why married people are always so happy.

Gabe Duncan: Did dad ever get nervous talking to you?
Amy Duncan: When your dad and I started dating, we didn't do a lot of talking. Mostly we just...
Gabe Duncan: Just what?
Amy Duncan: [pause] Played checkers. Lots and lots of checkers.

Gabe Duncan: [Feeling nervous] Tell me about yourself.
Kit: What?
Gabe Duncan: I mean, only if you want to.
Kit: OK. What do you want to know?
Gabe Duncan: Erm, tell me about your family.
Kit: My family. Well, actually, there's not much to tell. I'm an only child.
Gabe Duncan: Me too.
Kit: Cool!
Gabe Duncan: What else?
Kit: Well, my parents are divorced...
Gabe Duncan: [pause] Mine, too.
Kit: Who do you live with?
Gabe Duncan: Who do *you* live with?
Kit: My mom.
Gabe Duncan: Me too!
Kit: Wow! We really have a lot in common.
Gabe Duncan: You know, I had a feeling we might. You want half a peanut butter sandwich?
Kit: No, thanks. I'm allergic to peanuts.
Gabe Duncan: [Throws his sandwich away] Me too.

Virginia Dabney: Oh, you look like a nice little boy. Would you like some candy?
Gabe Duncan: Only if you eat one first.
Virginia Dabney: You're as cute as the dickies!
Teddy Duncan: OK, this is dang freaky!

Gabe Duncan: I have a probl... what are you doing?
Teddy Duncan: [Carrying Kaboodle on a harness] Readjusting Kaboodle's aura. Duh!

Teddy Duncan: What's wrong?
Gabe Duncan: The girl I like is here with her mom.
Teddy Duncan: What's wrong with that?
Gabe Duncan: Well, I told her mom and dad were divorced and that I'm an only child. What am I gonna do?
Teddy Duncan: OK, the first thing you're gonna do is calm down. Your negative energy is upsetting the cat.

Teddy Duncan: Well, Charlie, the good news is Kaboodle's fine. Turns out all he needed was a trip to the litterbox. But, erm... the bad news is Gabe's romance with Kit is over.
Gabe Duncan: Well, the good news is I don't have to shower any more.

"Good Luck Charlie: Driving Mrs. Dabney (#1.26)" (2011)
Gabe Duncan: What did I just walk into?
PJ Duncan: Mom says we have to buy Teddy a birthday present.
Gabe Duncan: What about a dog? I bet she'd like a dog.
Amy Duncan: I'm serious. You have to get her something.
Gabe Duncan: What about a dog? I bet she'd like a dog.
Amy Duncan: [Thinks] Gabe, is there a dog in my house?
Gabe Duncan: [Dog barks from the living room] Maybe.

Gabe Duncan: So, what's Teddy's shoe size?
PJ Duncan: I don't know.
Gabe Duncan: You don't know her shoe size?
PJ Duncan: I don't know her middle name!

PJ Duncan: [Holds a pair of girl boots] Here. Try these on.
Gabe Duncan: No! I'm not putting on girl boots.
PJ Duncan: Oh, come on! It'll look good with that girl shirt you're wearing!
Gabe Duncan: [Referring to his T-shirt picture] It's not a pony! It's a stallion!

PJ Duncan: [Teasing Gabe, who's walking in girl boots at a shoe store] Wow! Those do wonders for your legs!
Gabe Duncan: OK! That's enough!

PJ Duncan: [Trying to pull girl boots off Gabe's feet] Why are your feet so fat?
Gabe Duncan: They're not fat! They're husky!

Gabe Duncan: [His feet are stuck in women's boots] What are we gonna do?
PJ Duncan: There's only one thing to do.
Gabe Duncan: Who are you calling?
PJ Duncan: No, I'm taking a picture of you in girl boots!

Gabe Duncan: [Walking home with girl boots stuck on his feet] Mom, we've got a problem!
Amy Duncan: Oh, you sure do! Those boots do not go with those shorts!

"Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Goes Viral (#1.15)" (2010)
PJ Duncan: [Reading comments about Charlie's video] Here's another one. "You're a pathetic, no-talent loser" with about 19 exclamation points. It was from Gabe D.
Gabe Duncan: [pauses and gives a look]
PJ Duncan: [Still unaware it was Gabe] Who are these people?
Gabe Duncan: There's no way to know.

Amy Duncan: Gabe, honey, come here. I want to show you something very exciting from mommy's past.
Gabe Duncan: Teddy told me if I ever heard those words, I should just keep walking.

Bob Duncan: You can't go over there tomorrow night. The Channel 8 news crew is coming over. They're gonna interview the whole family.
Teddy Duncan: Yeah, I think I'll pass
Amy Duncan: What? You don't wanna be on TV with me?
Bob Duncan, PJ Duncan, Gabe Duncan: US!
Amy Duncan: Us?

Gabe Duncan: [about her fake tan] Hey, mom. You got something on your face.
Amy Duncan: Oh, where?
Gabe Duncan: Everywhere!

"Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Did It! (#1.6)" (2010)
Gabe Duncan: Charlie asked for a milkshake, so like a good big brother, I decided to make one. Then she forgot to put the top on the blender.
Amy Duncan: So, you put your baby sister in charge of an electrical appliance?
Gabe Duncan: And she let me down.

Teddy Duncan: [At the grocery store] Soda and mints? What are these for?
Gabe Duncan: I'm gonna make a soda geyser. You drop them into the bottle and it makes this huge explosion!
Teddy Duncan: Wow! That sounds so cool. Put them back.

Teddy Duncan: Gabe, we gotta get out of here.
Gabe Duncan: Really? You're giving me permission to be bad?
Teddy Duncan: Yes.
Gabe Duncan: How bad?
Teddy Duncan: Do whatever it takes.
Gabe Duncan: I've been waiting to hear those words my whole life!

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! (2011) (TV)
Gabe Duncan: Grandpa, how'd you get an antique like this?
Grandpa: I bought it new.

Gabe Duncan: Grandpa's lost his mind.
Bob Duncan: Well, it's one more thing he and Grandma have in common.

"Good Luck Charlie: Teddy's Little Helper (#1.13)" (2010)
Jake: We never should've fired your dad.
Gabe Duncan: It was your idea.
Jake: Dude, I was topped up on ice cream!

Bob Duncan: [after Gabe asks him to be their basketball coach] Let me guess. Coach Fun didn't work out, so now you're crawling back to dad. Well, you know what? Maybe I've moved on.
Gabe Duncan: Fine. I'll go ask Nick's dad.
Bob Duncan: No, no, no! I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it!

"Good Luck Charlie: All Fall Down (#3.21)" (2013)
Gabe Duncan: We have an attic?
PJ Duncan: Yeah, it's upstairs.
Gabe Duncan: Yeah, yeah, that'd be the place for it...

Gabe Duncan: I finally get my own room, and now we have to move out.
Bob Duncan: It's just for a couple of nights. We're gonna get the house checked out, make sure everything's safe...
Teddy Duncan: Take care of the termite problem...
Bob Duncan: Thought that was implied... And then we're gonna move back in and everything's gonna be back to normal.
Amy Duncan: What do you mean, normal? PJ dropped out of college.
PJ Duncan: Teddy went to Boston!
Teddy Duncan: Dad brought termites into the house!
Bob Duncan: Well, Gabe...
Bob Duncan: What did you do?
Gabe Duncan: Nothing. As usual, I'm the good one.

"Good Luck Charlie: PJ in the City (#2.17)" (2011)
Amy Duncan: [about Heather] If you ever wanna talk about her, I'm here for you.
Gabe Duncan: No, we are never having that conversation.
Amy Duncan: Gabe, I'm a girl, I know what girls like. Honey, I just want you to have the right information.
Gabe Duncan: Mom, if I need information about girls, I'll get it where all 12-year-olds get it: From a 13-year-old.

"Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Shakes It Up (#2.13)" (2011)
[Teddy got something for Gabe in Chicago. As she goes to get it, Rocky and Cece pop out of her suitcase]
Gabe Duncan: [smitten] You got me girls?

"Good Luck Charlie: Charlie Is 2! (#2.1)" (2011)
[last lines]
[end credits scene, where Gabe and Charlie took a carriage ride with Bob as their pulling "horse"]
PJ Duncan: Wow. You guys were gone a long time.
Gabe Duncan: Really? Seemed like 30 seconds.
PJ Duncan: Oh, did you see anything interesting?
Gabe Duncan: Nah. Just a bunch of credits.

"Good Luck Charlie: A Duncan Christmas (#3.20)" (2012)
Amy Duncan: [handing Gabe a gift] Merry Christmas, Gabe!
Gabe Duncan: [enthusiastically, without opening it] Hey, headphones! Thanks, guys!
Grandma Linda Duncan: How do you know what's in it? You haven't opened it yet.
Gabe Duncan: Oh, right.
[opens the gift]
Gabe Duncan: [equally enthusiastically] Hey, headphones! Thanks, guys!