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Lord Groan (Character)
from "Gormenghast" (2000)

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"Gormenghast: Episode #1.2" (2000)
Lord Groan: [despairingly] Gormenghast!

Lord Groan: As I say, Master Secretary, this day two months hence - my lady, the bird - I say - Nurse, the child - I want a breakfast for him, it's that simple. He is my son, isn't he?

"Gormenghast: Episode #1.1" (2000)
Lord Groan: Did you notice anything unusual about the boy?
Dr. Prunesquallor: Oh structurally a sound child my lord, sound as a bell.
Lord Groan: Damn the structure, did you see his face?
Dr. Prunesquallor: I noticed his face, sir. I definitely noticed it if that's of any help.
Lord Groan: Did you notice anything strange? Don't be afraid to speak out.
Dr. Prunesquallor: Strange, Lordship?
Lord Groan: The face, Prunesquallor, the face!
Dr. Prunesquallor: Speaking professionally I should say his face was irregular, sir but not...
Lord Groan: Unnatural?
Dr. Prunesquallor: i'd say Irregular sir.
Lord Groan: Ugly?
Dr. Prunesquallor: I'd say unnatural.
Lord Groan: Why must you hedge doctor? When I say ugly, have the goodness to use the word. HAVE YOU EVER DELIVERED A MORE HIDEOUS CHILD?
Dr. Prunesquallor: Never, my lord! Never! And he has such extraordinary eyes!
Lord Groan: Eyes? What's wrong with them?
Dr. Prunesquallor: They are violet, my lord!