Principal Reynolds
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Biography for
Principal Reynolds (Character)
from "Lost" (2004)

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Dr. Jonathan Crane is one of Batman's most notorious nemeses in the comic book canon, as well as prominently featured in the Animated Series and recent big screen Dark Knight Trilogy.

Crane was a psychiatrist who perfected a special toxin that he would use on unsuspecting victims to cause hallucinations that would make them manifest their greatest fears. He would often don a costume akin to a 'scarecrow' in order to frighten his enemies, but underneath is a small, frail, and unassuming man.

He had a successful run in "Batman: The Animated Series", and served as the only villain to appear in all three of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight franchise. In "Batman Begins", Dr. Crane uses his position as head administrator at Arkham Asylym to test his fear toxin on his patients, as well as use them in an ongoing plot to overthrow the city under Ra's Al Ghul's command. In this series, Crane uses a burlap sack as a mask that projects his victim's fears.

In "The Dark Knight" Crane had become a drug lord on the streets of Gotham, selling his toxin to unknowing clients. He is eventually captured by the Batman.

In "The Dark Knight Rises", Crane is one of the many inmates of Blackgate prison that are set free by Bane, and serves as the judge and jury in Gotham's new order. All three times Dr. Crane is played by Cillian Murphy.

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