Jack Napier
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Jack Napier (Character)
from Batman (1989)

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Batman (1989)
Jack Napier: Decent people shouldn't live here. They'd be happier someplace else.
Alicia: Pretty tough talk about Carl.
Jack Napier: Don't worry about it. If this clown could touch Grissom, I'd have handed him his lungs by now.
Alicia: If Grissom knew about us, he might hand you something.
Jack Napier: Don't flatter yourself, angel. He's a tired old man. He can't run this city without me. And besides, he doesn't know.

[Jack Napier is confronted with Batman for the first time]
Jack Napier: Nice outfit!

[Jack is primping in front of a mirror]
Alicia: You look fine.
Jack Napier: I didn't ask.

Jack Napier: Why, Eckhardt, you oughta think about the future.
Eckhardt: You mean when you run this show? You ain't got no future, Jack! You're an A-1 nut boy and Grissom knows it!
[Jack pushes Eckhardt against the wall, and Eckhardt whips out his gun. Bob steps up from behind Jack with his gun pointed at Eckhardt]
Jack Napier: Better be sure.
[Eckhardt's lowers his gun]
Jack Napier: See? You can make a good decision when you try.
[he chuckles as he and Bob walk away]

Jack Napier: Brought you a little snack, Eckhardt.
[it's a wad of bills between two pieces of bread]
Eckhardt: Why don't you broadcast it?
Jack Napier: Shut up and listen.

Jack Napier: We've been ratted out here, boys.

Jack Napier: Eckheardt! think a bout the future!