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Mr. U. N. Owen (Character)
from Ten Little Indians (1965)

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Ten Little Indians (1974)
U. N. Owen: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your host speaking. My name is U.N. Owen. I have brought you here to charge you with the following crimes: General André Salvé, Croix de Guerre, that you achieved honor from dishonor and sent five men to their certain deaths. Ilona Morgan, actress, that you did bring about the death of your husband in a most cold-blooded and ruthless manner. Doctor Edward Armstrong, that you did kill Mrs. Ivy Benson and betray your sacred trust. Michel Raven, entertainer, that you were guilty of the murder of William and Louisa Stern, whose bodies, when they were found, were almost unrecognizable. Vera Clyde, secretary, that you murdered your sister's fiancee, Richard Barclay, by slow, deliberate poison. Hugh Lombard, that you were guilty of the death of Jennifer Hayes, who was to bear your child. Arthur Cannon, judge of the Queen's bench, that you were responsible for the death of an innocent man, one Edward Seton, who was hanged according to your judgment. Wilhelm Blore, that by perjured testimony, you sent Kord Landor to a cold and lonely death in a prison cell. Otto and Elsa Martino, that you maliciously and brutally caused the death of your invalid employer for your own financial gain. Prisoners at the bar, have you anything to say in your defense?