Wong Chi-Ming
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Wong Chi-Ming (Character)
from Fallen Angels (1995)

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Fallen Angels (1995)
Wong Chi-Ming: The best thing about my profession is that there's no need to make any decision. Who's to die... when... where... it's all been planned by others. I'm a lazy person. I like people to arrange things for me. That's why I need a partner.

[first lines]
The Killer's Agent: Are we still partners?
Wong Chi-Ming: [voiceover] We've been business partners for nearly three years. This is the first time we've ever sat together. We hardly ever see each other. I know how hard it is for a man to control his passion. Partners shouldn't get emotionally involved with each other.

Wong Chi-Ming: [after being bitten by Blondie] Why?
Punkie: [sobbing] I've left my mark, okay? You may forget my face, but you won't forget my bite.

Wong Chi-Ming: I often wonder if any insurance company would insure a professional killer. I'd really like to help him out, but I wouldn't know whom to name as beneficiary.