Sam Carr
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Sam Carr (Character)
from "House M.D." (2004)

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"House M.D.: Knight Fall (#6.17)" (2010)
Dr. Gregory House: You're new.
Sam Carr: You're naked.
Dr. Gregory House: And for the record, a little bit cold.

Sam Carr: It's just dinner. Relax.
Dr. James Wilson: Trust me. There's no "just" when House is involved.
Sam Carr: We're in the middle of a restaurant. What could he possibly
[Sam notices House and his date]
Sam Carr: do?
Dr. James Wilson: That.

Dr. Gregory House: You're a cold hearted bitch who ripped his heart out. I watched him struggle for years to overcome the damage you did. There's no way I"m just going to let you reel him back in so you can do it all over again.
Sam Carr: ...And all this?
Dr. Gregory House: Phase 2 of getting to know my enemy.
Sam Carr: You're wrong about me. But I'm glad, now I don't have to preten to like you, except for when James is standing next to me.
Dr. Gregory House: Same here. Only difference is, I'll outlast you.

Sam Carr: I'm not asking you to like me House. To be honest, I think you're an ass. But we do have *one* thing in common - we care about James.
Dr. Gregory House: So prove and dump him again.
Sam Carr: You're pretty much insufferable all the time, aren't you?
Dr. Gregory House: Sorry. Go on, and yes.

"House M.D.: The Choice (#6.19)" (2010)
Sam Carr: I'm still asleep.
Dr. James Wilson: Think of this a dream.
Sam Carr: What about House?
Dr. James Wilson: I said a dream, not a nightmare.
Sam Carr: He's in the next room.
Dr. James Wilson: Sound asleep.

"House M.D.: Open and Shut (#6.18)" (2010)
Dr. James Wilson: I always thought that I was keeping the peace. But I was just resenting you and giving you a reason to leave.
Sam Carr: I wish we had this fight 10 years ago.
Dr. James Wilson: Is it okay if we don't give House the credit?
Sam Carr: I recommend it.

"House M.D.: A Pox on Our House (#7.7)" (2010)
Sam Carr: The reason I did the wrong thing was because I was trying to get you to do the right thing. Your mommy and your lamby both really need you to get better. So... do you think that... you could be brave... do the right thing?
Eve: I'll try.