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Chief Stockton (Character)
from "Murdoch Mysteries" (2008)

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"Murdoch Mysteries: Glass Ceiling (#1.2)" (2008)
[first lines]
MC at Police Chiefs' Dinner: Gentlemen, it is my distinct honour to introduce our keynote speaker, Inspector Thomas Brackenreid.
Inspector Brackenreid: Gentlemen, those of us at Police Station Number 4 of the Toronto Constabulary had never been confronted by such a puzzling crime. The victim was found in a windowless room that was locked from the inside. But that was not the most baffling part. The victim had been electrocuted; yet the room had no electricity. All that was out of the ordinary was a shattered jar, a chain, a wooden disc and some foil. It soon became apparent that the victim had been killed by a Leyden jar.
Chief Stockton: A question, Inspector.
Inspector Brackenreid: Chief Constable Stockton. Of course.
Chief Stockton: What is a Leyden jar?
Inspector Brackenreid: Ah, it's a device for storing electric charge.
Chief Stockton: Then it's a battery.
Inspector Brackenreid: No, no, it's... its a...
[consults his notes]
Inspector Brackenreid: Ahem, it's a capacitor.
Chief Stockton: What's a capacitor?
Inspector Brackenreid: A device for storing electric charge.
Chief Stockton: Then it's a battery.
Inspector Brackenreid: Well.
Inspector William Murdoch: Inspector, if I may interject?
Inspector Brackenreid: Of course. Detective William Murdoch, Gentlemen.

Chief Stockton: Murdoch. Hmph. Good copper. But it'd be a bloody cold day in Hell before a papist becomes an inspector in my police force.
Inspector Brackenreid: Sir, Detective Murdoch is quite exceptional. The fact that he's Catholic...
Chief Stockton: Thomas. You're an ambitious man. And I can see some day you being an alderman or maybe even a mayor. But Toronto is a Protestant city. You'd be wise to remember that.