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Quotes for
Billy Simpson (Character)
from "Fifteen" (1990)

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"Fifteen: The Worm Turns (#1.13)" (????)
[Billy, Dylan, Cyndi and an unknown guy practicing performing a rock band and they sound awful]
Billy Simpson: So, what do you think?
Cyndi: I think we sound a lot like Springsteen.
Billy Simpson: Yeah?
Cyndi: Percy Springsteen. Works down at the 7 Eleven. Can't play a note.
Dylan Blackwell: What the heck? We'll get better.
Cyndi: Well, we sure can't get any worse. Come on.

"Fifteen: Damage Control (#1.11)" (????)
Courtney Simpson: Strange, isn't it? We almost never get to see each other now that we're living in different places. I mean, they're only 5 blocks apart.
Billy Simpson: Yeah, of course! When we did live together, We spent half the time fighting.
Courtney Simpson: I guess but that can be reassuring sometimes. So, listen, maybe you feel like doing something after school today.
Billy Simpson: I don't know. Maybe.
Courtney Simpson: Look, you're not still beating yourself up about Dylan's concert, are you?
Billy Simpson: I've told you, it was all my fault that it got cancelled.
Courtney Simpson: And I've told you that it wasn't your fault.
Billy Simpson: Dylan asked me to turn in his math assignment and I totally forgot about it.
Courtney Simpson: He should have turned it in himself instead of skipping a day of school.
Billy Simpson: We were really starting to be friends. Now he can't stand me.
Courtney Simpson: Oh, Billy!
Billy Simpson: You heard what he said to me at the party. He just yelled and it was too late for me to apologize.
Courtney Simpson: It wasn't your fault. Besides, who cares what Dylan thinks?
Billy Simpson: I care.
Courtney Simpson: Well then stop caring. He isn't worth it, Billy. He isn't worth having a friend in the first place.
Dylan Blackwell: [after Billy leaves] Listen, I couldn't help hearing what you just said.
Courtney Simpson: Good!
[also leaves]