Guard Captain Jack Wells
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Guard Captain Jack Wells (Character)
from Devil's Canyon (1953)

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Devil's Canyon (1953)
Captain Jack Wells: [Captain Wells and his guards open Billy Reynold's cell door] Come on, Reynolds. You're getting a special treat today.
Captain Jack Wells: [Reynolds just sits on his bunk, ignoring him, whereupon Captain Wells angrily grabs Reynolds and jerks him out the door of the cell] Don't *ever* just sit there and look at me when I tell you to MOVE!
Captain Jack Wells: [starts to smirk at Reynolds, who is being held by Wells' fellow guards] That's the way we run things, Reynolds: by jumping when we're told to jump. Smiling when we're told to smile - and even giving up our teeth if one of the guards seems to want 'em bad enough.
Captain Jack Wells: Take him to the warden.
[the guards escort him away]