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Samson (Character)
from "Cowboy in Africa" (1967)

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"Cowboy in Africa: The New World (#1.1)" (1967)
Samson: You are the world's champion cowboy too?
John Henry: No, I'm world's champion savage.
Samson: I am nothing! But I will be... a cowboy... like you. You will teach me!
Jim Sinclair: Hold it, Tiger! What's all this rush to become a cowboy?
Samson: I saw you roping wild animals... and hitting Mr. Neumann!
Jim Sinclair: You saw that? That was miles away! That was yesterday!
Samson: I ran... and sometimes walked...
John Henry: All alone?
Samson: I am alone.
Jim Sinclair: Where's your family?
Samson: I have no family. My mother was carried off by the lion. My father was killed fighting that lion. My father was very brave... audari!
Jim Sinclair: You know... I have the feeling your pretty... audari... yourself, Sampson.
Samson: I will be. Like you, because you are now my father!

Bibi Graf: Now that your Cowboy Jim is staying, I'll talk to your tribe. I'm sure you can stay here... Samson, you can stay!
Samson: But Cowboy Jim has not asked me to stay.
Jim Sinclair: Well Tiger, come on! Let's go home!