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Quotes for
Magee (Character)
from Prep & Landing (2009) (TV)

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Prep & Landing (2009) (TV)
Magee: You'll like him. He graduated top of his class at Kringle Academy.
Lanny: [Trying to open door] A little help here?
Magee: It was a small class.

Magee: Hi, Wayne. Aw, you lose a bet, sweetie?
Wayne: This is my celebration tie.
Magee: Wayne, you didn't get the promotion.
Wayne: What?
Magee: Peterson got it.
Wayne: My partner?
Magee: Yeah.
Wayne: So, no parking sticker?

Magee: Nothing will go wrong, nothing will go wrong, nothing will go wrong...
Mission control elf: Sir, there's a storm alert over Sector 7.
Magee: Oh, frostbite!

Magee: You're disappointed.
Wayne: Oh no. No! I'm glad for Peterson. What are you crazy? Because he was trained by me. I mean seriously are you crazy? I'm so glad the Big Guy notice him and not me. So there you go.

Magee: 8 Maids-a-Milking this is Jingle Bell. Come in 8 Maids-a-Milking.
Dasher: [to himself] I really hate that callsign.
Dasher: Can barely hear you Jingle Bell. We are in soup!
Dancer: We're flying blind man. Tell her we're flying blind!

Wayne: Mageee, patch me through to the Big Guy.
Magee: Wayne, it's over.
Wayne: Patch me through or I'll tell everyone about you and Tiny!
Magee: Patching you throught.

The Big Guy: It's just a little snow, Magee. I can handle it.
Magee: It's not that, sir. The site's not prepped. We have no choice... Figgy Pudding.
[All gasp]
The Big Guy: It's never come to that! What about Timmy?
Magee: With all due respect, sir, there are millions of other children counting on you. You can't let them down. We'll make it up to Timmy somehow, I promise.

Magee: Oh, yeah? Well, I have Santa for secret Santa this year. How am I going to pull that off?

Magee: This is it, people! 364 days of planning, one night of perfect execution.

Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice (2011) (TV)
Wayne: Yes, beautiful?
Magee: Tell me you still got that fruitcake.
Wayne: Got it right here.
Magee: Well, it's causing bigger problems now. Somehow it fried the database, and now...
Mr. Thistleton: Every child on Earth is going on the naugthy list!
Wayne: Oh, frostbite.