Ginny Cook Smith
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Ginny Cook Smith (Character)
from A Thousand Acres (1997)

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A Thousand Acres (1997)
Ginny: Rose left me with a riddle I have not yet resolved: how we judge those that hurt us and show no remorse.

Ginny: It was Rose who dropped things through the grates. It was Rose who sang.

Ginny: [voice over] There was no use telling him that Caroline hadn't turned him down. She'd just expressed a doubt. She'd spoken as a lawyer, when she should've spoken as a daughter. But my father's pride had been injured.

Ginny: You think this is bad, Daddy? You'd be amazed at what you really deserve. As far as I'm concerned, you're on your own now.

Ty Smith: I don't remember you like this.
Ginny: I wasn't like this.
Ty Smith: No. You looked on the good side of things. You were pretty and funny.
Ginny: I was a ninny. I was a simpleton.

Ginny: Remorse reminds me of Daddy, who had none.

[last lines]
Ginny: [voice over] I see hope.