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Jr. Stewardess (Character)
from Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

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Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)
Co-Pilot: [John Valentine's just been taken away in the ambulance after the plane has landed] Weather hadn't broke we would've never gotten this baby down. We've had one hell of a night. We got the storm. We got the flame out. Then that freak show.
Old Woman: Not to mention the gun. The gun was awful.
Sky Marshal: He didn't have a gun.
Old Man: He didn't have a gun?
Sky Marshal: No, no. He didn't have a gun. It was my gun. I'm FAA. I'm authorized to have a gun.
Jr. Stewardess: He was so crazy. He smashed the window. What was he trying to do, get out?
Sky Marshal: It's claustrophobia! They'd rather fall to the ground, than stay aboard! I've seen it happen! I've seen it!
Jr. Stewardess: He had to be completely wacko, right?
Sr. Stewardess: I knew he was frightened, but I didn't think he was crazy.
Jr. Stewardess: But Dion, he said he saw something on the end of the wing.