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Quotes for
Macy Vanderhei (Character)
from Cedar Rapids (2011)

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Cedar Rapids (2011)
Tim Lippe: Hello, Mrs. Vanderhei.
Macy Vanderhei: It's Macy, Tim. I told you to call me Macy.
Tim Lippe: Sorry, I keep forgetting. It's a hard habit to break.
Macy Vanderhei: [in a sexually suggestive tone] Well, you'd better get it right soon, or I'm gonna have to make you stay after school.

Tim Lippe: Do you realize I used to just stare and stare at you when you were teaching us about the rainforests or whatever? And I would think "I wonder what Mrs. V looks like with her clothes off." And then, boom, we run into each other in line at True Value and boom, here we are making love. Like, once a week. It's like it was fate or something. Did you ever used to look at me and think dirty things?
Macy Vanderhei: You were twelve.
Tim Lippe: Right.