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Master Thundering Rhino (Character)
from Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

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Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters (2011) (V)
Money Bunny: You fight for money right?
Rhino: [puts the money back in her hand] No, we fight for honor.
[takes the Wu Sisters' flag and breaks in in half]
Rhino: It's time to change course!

Young Croc: *Why* does everyone think we only do things for money?
Su Wu: Because you do.
Rhino: No. We *did*.

Rhino: Master Oogway! You're alive!
Young Croc: But we saw you fall to your death!
Oogway: No, you saw me *fall*.

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)
Master Thundering Rhino: What do you want, Shen?
Shen: What is rightfully mine: Gongmen City!
Master Thundering Rhino: Gongmen is under the stewardship of the Council of Masters, and we will protect it. Even from you.
Shen: [laughs] I'm so glad you feel that way! Otherwise I'd have dragged... that all the way here for nothing.
[He motions to his wolf soldiers dragging a heavy crate into the courtyard]
Master Storming Ox: What's in the box, Shen?
Shen: You want to see? It's a gift. It's your parting gift... in that it will part you. Part of you here, part of you there, and part of you way over there, staining the wall!

[Master Rhino deflects all of Shen's throwing knives and jabs Shen with his hammer, sending him skidding back and breaking all his daggers]
Shen: Show-off.
Master Thundering Rhino: That is a warning. You are no match for our kung fu.
Shen: I agree... but this is.
[He jumps back onto the crate as it falls open, revealing a cannon aimed at Rhino]