Erica Sayers
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Erica Sayers (Character)
from Black Swan (2010)

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Black Swan (2010)
Erica: What happened to my sweet girl?
Nina: She's gone!

Erica: It's the role, isn't it? It's all this pressure? I knew it would be too much. I knew it!

Nina: What are you doing here?
Lily: I just came by to apologize. You're right, I should have never spoken to him about you.
Erica: [interrupts] Sweetheart.
Nina: Give me a second.
Erica: Your dinner.
Nina: Mom! Please?
Lily: Oh, she's a trip.
Nina: How do you know where I live?
Lily: I have my ways.
[notices Nina's nervousness]
Lily: Jesus, relax! I got it from Susie in the office. Look, I just feel really shitty about what I did and I just really want to make it up to you, so how about I take you out to dinner?
Nina: I don't think...
Lily: [interrupts] Ok, that's fine! What about drinks?
Erica: Sweetie, you need to rest.
Lily: [chuckles] Jesus!
Nina: Wait.
[goes into the apartment to grab shoes and a coat]
Erica: What are you doing?
Nina: Going out!

Erica: Do you have any idea what time it is?
Nina: [drunk] Uh... late?
Erica: Where have you been?
Nina: To the moon!
Lily: And back.
Erica: You've been drinking.
Nina: Ding ding ding ding!
Erica: What else?
Nina: Huh?
Erica: [raises voice] What else have you been doing?
Nina: Oh, you want to know their names?
Erica: You need to sleep this off.
Nina: No, there were two. There was Tom, there was Jerry.
Erica: [interrupts] Be quiet, Nina!
Nina: And I fucked them both!
Erica: [yells] Shut your mouth!

Erica: Has he tried anything with you? He has a reputation. I have a right to be concerned, Nina. You've been staying late so many nights rehearsing. I hope he isn't taking advantage.
Nina: He's not.
Erica: Good. I just don't want you to make the same mistake I did.
Nina: Thanks.
Erica: Not like that. I just mean as far as my career was concerned.
Nina: What career?
Erica: The one I gave up to have you.
Nina: You were 28 and only in.
Erica: Only what?
Nina: Nothing.
Erica: What!
Nina: Nothing.

Erica: You're not my Nina right now!

Erica: You're in a good mood.
Nina: He promised to feature me more this season.
Erica: Well, he certainly should. You've been there long enough and you're the most dedicated dancer in the company.

Erica: You're working yourself too hard. We all have off days.
Nina: If that girl hadn't barged in.
Erica: I'm sure she didn't mean to. Remember when you first started? If I hadn't taken you to each of your classes you would have been completely lost.
Nina: I'm going to talk to him tomorrow and tell him I finished it.
Erica: You don't need to lie. You won't convince him one way or the other.
Erica: Sweetheart, I know it's disappointing. You start getting older there's all this ridiculous pressure. God knows I understand. But it's alright.

Erica: Shh, it's okay. I'm here. You were scratching all night.
Nina: Where's my clock?
Erica: Don't worry about that.
Nina: What time is it?
Erica: Shh.
Nina: My show is tonight.
Erica: No, no, no.
[pushes Nina back on the pillow]
Erica: No, don't worry. I called the theater and I told them you weren't feeling well.
Nina: [jumps out of bed] I have to go!
Erica: No, no lie down!
Nina: Let go of me!
[notices the door handle is missing]
Erica: You're staying in here until you feel better.
Nina: Where is it?
Erica: This role's destroying you.

Erica: No! Please! You're not well!
Nina: [yelling] Let go of me!
Erica: You can't handle this!
Nina: I can't? I'm the Swan Queen, you're the one who never left the corps!
Erica: [yelling] Nina!

Nina: It's just a rash.
Erica: [panicking] A rash? What are you talking about?
Nina: It was worse a few days ago. It's fine already.
Erica: You've been scratching yourself again.

Erica: Sounds like quite an evening. Wish I could have been there.
Nina: You know I asked.
Erica: I know you did, Susie told me. I guess he wanted you all to himself.
Nina: That's not why.
Erica: I don't blame him.
[looks at Nina's earrings]
Erica: Where did you get these?
Nina: They're fake.
Erica: Fooled me.
Nina: [reacts to Erica undressing her] I can do it!
Erica: He must have been by your side all night showing you off.

Erica: You'll probably get to dance the Pas de Quatre again. That's such a wonderful part. Or maybe he'll make you a big swan. Either way, you'll shine.
Nina: I know.
Erica: Everything will be better in the morning. It always is.
Erica: Sweet girl.